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December 30, 1996 Updated links page.
Teletext update: added 11 Beatletext pages and 2 Maccatext pages.
Added scan to Wings/Rockshow video.
December 21, 1996 Added Rutles/Archaeology and Rubber Band/XMAS - The Beatmas to the related artists page.
Beatles homepage got a Christmas-y layout and will play a Christmas song if you have Internet Explorer or Netscape with Live Audio plug-in.
December 17, 1996 Major McCartney update: Added 56 singles (45s) with order numbers and release dates (UK,USA,Germany), 38 of which come with scans of front+back covers (some even have 4 scans to show different releases of other countries)
December 16, 1996 Added the following CDs:
McCartney - NP1906-1/2 Venus And Mars Outtakes Are Alright Tonight (with scan, notes and review),
McCartney - MCA1001/2 Get Back To Glasgow (with scan),
McCartney - Master of Orange 0003 Venus And Mars Unknown Mixes (with scans and review),
Beatles - BBCBCD 1454 Beatles At The Beep - TV (with scan and notes),
Beatles - D001 A Drugs, Divorce And A Sleeping Image (with scan),
Beatles - WN3001 Vancouver '64 + Washington '64 (with scan).
Added improved scans to:
McCartney - Orange 5 Cold Cuts Vol. 2,
McCartney - Orange 6 Extended Tracks,
Beatles - YD053 All Things Must Pass Part 2 and
Beatles - YD013 Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 7.
December 15, 1996 Added 8 articles to the Beatles News Archive.
Added/updated 9 links to other Beatles webpages.
Added 3 fanclubs to the Fan Clubs Page.
Updated FOP78 Day Tripping. Added review to Harrison - Live Washington '74. Added McCartney CO25147 Studio Tracks Vol. 4 (with review). Updated scan of Harrison - Living In The Alternate World.
The Ginsberg/McCartney single The Ballad Of The Skeletons has been added quite some time ago. The McCartney singles (45s) section has been greatly enhanced and is about half finished.
December 10, 1996 Added McCartney CDs: 1963-88JC All The Rest, PH1312 Completed Rarities, Vol. 1, PH1311 Completed Rarities, Vol. 2, SP-12 Hot Hits Cold Cuts, LP2337 Hot Hits Cold Cuts (Second Mix), LP2323 2 Buddies On Holly Days and RT787-2 Back In The USSR, all with cover scan and some with liner notes. Added cover scan + review to Chapter One's One Hand Clapping.
November 15, 1996 Updated links to other Beatles pages. Added 27 Beatletext pages and 10 Maccatext pages. Added 4 Beatles Bootleg LPs, and the CD FOP78 Day Tripping. Added scan to Wings Over Switzerland. Added Japanese series "Best - The Beatles".
November 1, 1996 Added scan to BECD001 Jamming With Heather.
Added 8 articles to the Beatles News Archive, 1 article to War Against CD Piracy and 2 articles to Bootleg related articles. Updated "Being For The Benefit".
October 31, 1996 Added Rutles Press Release. Updated Links page. A few corrections/additions on the Get Back Session Overview pages.
Beatles Bootlegs: Added Westwood One promo Complete Christmas Recordings and The Silver Beatles in black.
Harrison: Added BD006 All Things Must Pass: Acetate and MM9106 Live Washington '74.
McCartney: Added CO25109 One Hand Clapping. Added cover scans to CO25128 James Paul McCartney, CO25142 Studio Tracks Vol. 2, CO25146 Studio Tracks Vol. 3, Mongoose CD010 Deleted Gems and Live Treasures, CD080 Rude Studio Demos, CD3013 It's Now Or Never and KSK-7120 The Lost McCartney Album.
October 22, 1996 McCartney update: Added additional scans to All My Trials and Figure of Eight. Added CD single The World You're Coming Into. Added new Promo CD section with 9 promo Maxi-CDs (with scans). Many thanks to Greg Johnson!
October 20, 1996 Added 6 Beatles Bootleg LPs, GDR9326/10 - Great Dane, Complete BBC Sessions Disc Ten, Here We Go. Added scan to RFTCD001 Live In Melbourne 1964 And Paris 1965. Various little updates here and there.
October 19, 1996 Added a link to a big online event to the Beatles Homepage.
October 08, 1996 Updated over 200 CDs/files with these tags:
Beatles Outtakes - Core Collection (Best sounding source - Beatles) and
Solo Outtakes: Core Collection (Best sounding source - Solo).
October 04, 1996
October 04, 1996 Added another review to LP Rough Notes; added Harrison DPRO-79962 Acetates and Alternates, and McCartney SCR001 The Soundcheck '93. Get Back Journals II owners: Be sure to read this.
October 03, 1996 Updated Anthology News page, and Latest McCartney News. Added cover scan to Eggs Up and Rock And Roll.
October 01, 1996 Added info on the latest issue of Good Day Sunshine magazine.
September 24, 1996 Updated the article on Stones&Beatles. Added 3 Beatles bootleg LPs: Rough Notes, 20x4 and Classified Documents Vol. 2plus the Mongoose CDs Long Lost Album and Long Lost Leftovers. Added McCartney CDs: CHER-073-A Greatest Hits Live and RS9318 Deliverance Now (with cover scan).
September 23, 1996 Added CO25194 White Album Sessions Vol.2, SL87038 Yesterday, Today & McCartney. New article: The Rolling Stones Meet the Beatles... And Become Their Roadies. Added cover scan to Condor 1963 Hot Hits - Cold Cuts. Updated CPCS9402 Alternate Masters and the Essential Literature page.
September 20, 1996 Layout changes: added new headlines to the Beatles Homepage, McCartney Homepage and this "What's New" page.
September 19, 1996 Added DP3 The Beatles Live at the Star Club, double LP PMC-86 And All The Rest. Added two new articles to the Beatles News Archive
September 16, 1996 Added Beatles The Corn Of The Apple (with scan). Updated CPCS-9401 The World's Best (full liner notes, cover scan + review). Updated 3 cover scans.
Added McCartney GC001/2 Merci Bercy! (with scan), Interview picture disc and LP JPM 41673 James Paul McCartney (Original Television Soundtrack).
Added 4 new links.
Added a little JAVA animation to the Beatles homepage
September 11, 1996 Teletext update. 5 new Beatletext- and 2 new Maccatext articles.
Added Condor 1988 Strawberry Fields Forever.
September 10, 1996 Added Harrison Bootlegs: CT001 One Night In A Yokohama Arena, Radio Active - The Beatles At The Beeb Vol. 3, RFTCD018 Radio Active - The Beatles At The Beeb Vol. 4, RFTCD014 Radio Active - The Beatles At The Beeb Vol. 5, RFTCD015 Radio Active - The Beatles At The Beeb Vol. 6, RFTCD019 Radio Active - The Beatles At The Beeb Vol. 7, RFTCD016 Radio Active - The Beatles At The Beeb Vol. 8, RFTCD017 Radio Active - The Beatles At The Beeb Vol. 9, RFTCD024 Radio Active - The Beatles At The Beeb Vol. 10, RFTCD025 Radio Active - The Beatles At The Beeb Vol. 11, RFTCD032 Radio Active - The Beatles At The Beeb Vol. 12, RFTCD033 Radio Active - The Beatles At The Beeb Vol. 13.
August 27, 1996 Added sound file: Yvonne, Paul's unreleased song. 4:15 playing time, MPEG audio.
Updated YD061, YD062, YD063, YD064, YD065 and YD066.
August 26, 1996 Completely re-newed the Beatleg site. My site now mirrors Francois' site.
August 25, 1996 Added 3 new Beatletext, and 2 Maccatext articles.
Added Act 2 (if this was Daumier's Law, next would be Justice and Punishment ;-) ).
August 24, 1996 Added Beatles Bootlegs (all with reviews and cover scans):
CDCON 116 Live In Japan 1966, FFR 9116 Twenty Never Published Songs, BAN-001-D Conquer The World (Vol. 4), BAN-001-C Conquer The World (Vol. 3), BAN-001-B Conquer The World (Vol. 2), BAN-001-A Conquer The World (Vol. 1), GRA-001E Twist And Shout, GRA-001D Yesterday - Chronology Vol. 4 (1965-1966) + Bonus 1964 Tracks, GRA-001C All My Loving - Chronology Vol. 3 (1963-1964), GRA-001B She Loves You - Chronology Vol. 2 (1963), GRA-001A From Me To You - Chronology Vol. 1 (1962-1963), LU9311 Leave My Kitten All Alone, LU9310 From Penny Lane To Abbey Road.
Added/updated McCartney Bootlegs (all with reviews and cover scans):
BAN-029-A Paul McCartney Back in the USA Vol 1, BAN-029-B Paul McCartney Back in the USA Vol 2, BAN-029-C Paul McCartney Back in the USA Vol 3, JOK-038-A Live Vol. 1, JOK-0430-A Paul McCartney - Live Vol.1, MOJO032 Paul McCartney Live "Unapproved", RH006/7 Macca Does Melbourne, RSCCD023 Junior's Farm (no cover scan), RSCCD093 Little Woman Love (no cover scan), HJ013 Led Zeppelin - The Bonham Sessions (no cover scan), SW 4 Paul McCartney Live Vol. 1, SW 88 Paul McCartney Live Vol. 2.
August 23, 1996 Added Stars On 45 (with track listing, liner notes and review) on cover versions/related artists page. Further updates here and there, too many to list.
August 21, 1996 Updated GDS info page.
August 20, 1996 Lots of added listings, reviews, scans and further updates. 36 new files altogether. Will add links to them at a later date. But they all are accessible from the overview pages.
August 19, 1996 Added CREDITS page - a must-read for everyone. A splendid time is guaranteed for all but a few...
August 14, 1996 Updated Jamming With Heather (updated track listing, added DDSI numbers with cross-references). Updated Leaning On A Lamppost: Unreleased Let It Be Film Rehearsals with new track listing and further release info.
August 12, 1996 Added Songs From The Past (with cover scan, review and cross-referenced DDSI numbers; updated Get Back Sessions Overview)
Added Jelly Beans Hailing In Dreamlike Noise and All The Best From Australia.
August 11, 1996 I've completely redone the McCartney CD Discography (30 new high quality scans, new layout for 30 web pages with updates and exact release dates. New overview pages. Over 1 day of work has been put into this update!)
August 09, 1996 Added 5 new Maccatext articles and 6 new Beatletext articles (most recent page now split due to its length). Added high quality cover scans for: YD012, YD065, MM9225, MM9234 and PB1004. Updated PB1004 "Can't Fight Lightning" by adding two more scans plus my rating.
August 07, 1996 Completed McCartney Remasters (with high quality scans): added Ram, Red Rose Speedway, Venus And Mars, Wings At The Speed Of Sound, London Town, Back To The Egg, McCartney II, Tug Of War.
Completed McCartney CD Singles: added scans to The Long And Winding Road and Save The Child.
August 06, 1996 Added "The 1990 World Tour Collection" 6-CD box: YC007/8, YC009/10 and YC011/12 (complete with details and scans). Added Scan to I Am Your Singer
August 05, 1996 Added Latest McCartney News. Added two Beatletext translations. Added/updated articles in the News Archive. Added Beatles: Yesterday Medley. Updated a few others.
Added McCartney RSCCD023, RSCCD093, MOJO032.
August 02, 1996 Updated Fan clubs page. Added 2 translations to the Maccatext section. Added McCartney CD Working Holiday, BAN-029-C, CC340-41, Lennon CD LU9308. Updated The Sweetest Apples.
Added scans for PMcC Destroys Anaheim and The Lost McCartney Album.
July 27, 1996 Added "Rutles Archeology" info. Changed Beatles Homepage.
July 26, 1996 Added discography of McCartney Remastered CDs (8 out of 16 already finished. New enhanced scans). I've re-done the mosaic of Paul and Her Majesty.
July 25, 1996 Added long article "History of BBC bootlegs".
July 24, 1996 Added separate McCartney CD singles discography (16 new, much improved scans, separate page for each single, a lot of background information! Visiting highly recommended).
Revised layout of McCartney Homepage
July 22, 1996 Added complete liner notes to Spank 145 "Atlanta/Munich Seattle". Slight update on "Essential Literature" page.
July 21, 1996 Added the brandnew CD Pegboy1004 - Ringo Starr - Can't Fight Lightning (including LONG liner notes)
Added McCartney CDs: XXCD15 Over Seattle, LSCD51550 Sayonara Mr. Paul, KTS250 Hey Tokyo!, DS94J056/7 Wings Over America II, ARC-011-50CD Liverpool Live!, FU205/2 Live In Venezia.
Added Harrison CDs GH001/2 Hiroshima 1991, 641992/93 Hari And The Hijack Band
Added Lennon CDs WF 001/3 Christmas Present (3CD), ML9506 S.I.R. John Winston Ono Lennon, VT-001 Gone From This Place, VT-002 News of the Day, VT-003 Watching The Wheels, VT-004 Serve Yourself, VT-005 Yer Blues, VT-006 Look At Me, VT-007 I'm the Greatest / Something Precious and Rare, VT-008 Imagine: The Sessions, Orange 015 The Complete May Pang Tape, Orange 016 "One To One" Rehearsals Vol.1, Orange 017 "One To One" Rehearsals Vol.2.
July 20, 1996 Added section "Essential Literature "for bootleg collectors.
Added Madman13-14 "Wildcat!" with cover scan and complete liner notes. Added cover scan of Pegboy1005 Somewhere in England
Enhanced alphabetical index.
Added 10 Beatletext news articles, all translated into English. Translated the 3 newest Maccatext articles.
July 19, 1996 Added Alphabetical Index of Bootleg CDs
Added bootleg CDs: SLICK-O 100-200 Paul McCartney Destroys Anaheim, GTF-222CD-A/B The Lost McCartney Album, BGCD006 The Beatles In Italy: 1965, MDCD006 Atlanta'65, IU9539-1 The Alternate Versions Vol. 1, CPCS9402 Alternate Masters, TB6612 The Acoustic Submarine, FU207 John, Paul, George And Stu - Liverpool 1960, BECD001 Jamming With Heather, CPSC 9401 The World's Best - New Remaster Edition, FAB5555 Strawberry Fields Forever.
July 10, 1996 Added brandnew PB1005 George Harrison - Somewhere in England, Vigotone "Imagine - All The Outtakes". Updated PB1002 "Cold Cuts" (added complete booklet notes).
Added 4 new Beatletext, 2 new Maccatext Pages!
July 06, 1996 Added JOK-0430-A Paul McCartney - Live Vol.1, BAN-029-B Paul McCartney Back in the USA Vol 2. New articles in Beatles News Archive.
Added FLASHBACK box set.
Added 1 new Maccatext page + 1 new translation
Added 12 new Beatletext pages
July 02, 1996 Added AEBCD247 The Get Back Album Sessions, added Real Stereo Album Volume 2, new scan for IU9540-1. Updated Archive: War Against CD Piracy. Added article: "Did Lennon give EMI tapes to a bootlegger?". Added Scan to "Radio Active Vol. 7"
June 27, 1996 Brand new! Added Yellow Dog Release "Leaning On A Lamppost"
June 22, 1996 Added "News Section" - new overview page for misc. news pages.
Opened "Beatles News Archive", starting with 13 newly added articles!
Updated Piracy Archive with related links; added one new article.
June 18, 1996 5 new Beatletext, 5 new Maccatext pages
Added CDs: Abbey Road Show 1983, Quarrymen At Home, VT-116 No. 3 Abbey Road N. W. 8, VT-009 Lennon: Dreaming of the Past, VT-010 Lennon: My Love Will Turn You On.
Updated/added several scans on the Yellow Dog page.
Added DeLIVErance, TA-PMC 7027, NKL1001, EM014, SW 103, RSC008CD, RSC009CD, RSC031CD, RSC032CD
June 05, 1996 New article: Yellow Dog Is Dead - For Now
June 03, 1996 Added complete Beatles' Concerts pages. Updated Beatles Links. 8 new Beatletext translations. Added article: Japan's delay on copyright reform angers EU. Added WN3002 Danmark & Nederland 1964
May 27, 1996 Completed cross-referenced Get Back Sessions Overview.
May 26, 1996 New articles: China's Disk Pirates Change Strategy, Music Industry Fights Italian Pirates. New scan for Cold Cuts.
Teletext updates: 14 new Beatletext pages, 1 new Maccatext page.
Added three more dates on Get Back Sessions Overview. Many other corrections
May 25, 1996 New article: Tracking Bulgarian Pirate CDs
May 21, 1996 Added ML9634 The Animated Film Soundtrack (McCartney).
May 20, 1996 Added Spank 145.
Update of Get Back Session Overview
May 19, 1996 New article on Roots of Revolution 9
Major update of McCartney tour pages (completed).
May 12, 1996 Added Pegboy-1002 McCartney - Cold Cuts. New Maccatext translation. Analysis of alternate mix of Revolution 9. Added The Alternate Versions Vol.2. Beatles? Drugs? Being for the Benefit! Added BAG5072 Winston O'Boogie. Updated Beatles Links.
May 08, 1996 New Beatleg data files. Added Living In The Alternate World, Stars of '63. Updated Back Track Part 2
May 06, 1996 Added Scan for McCartney: Out in the Crowd. Added A Dream Apart. Minor changes here and there. Added Scans for BD007, VIGO146 and The Get Back Journals (Vol.1). Added Harrison Bootleg List.
May 01, 1996 Added Lennon Studio Tracks Vol.3 and Studio Tracks Vo.4.
Added Get Back Sessions CD listing. Added Live Recordings page.
April 30, 1996 Added Matt Hurwitz's excellent article (taken from Good Day Sunshine magazine) on McCartney's most obscure album. Updated Links page.
April 28, 1996 Changes on Beatles Bootlegs page (added newly grouped lists).
April 25, 1996 "What's new" page split into two pages. Added or replaced various cover scans. Added Great Dane BBC box. Slight update off Get Back Journals (Vol.1). Added Beatles related artists and cover versions. Added Neil Hogan's "A Beatles Collection".
April 23, 1996 New Beatleg Data files
Updated Good Day Sunshine subscription info
6 new translations, and 18 new pages on Beatletext page.
Updated Paul Is Live Video page. Added long analysis of A Toot And A Snore. Added cover scan of The Piano Tape. Get Back Journals (Vol.1) update. Added one new Maccatext news page. Updated Links page
April 18, 1996 Another update of BEATLEG. New program version (can read times from CDs with your CDROM), and all the datafiles in one handy ZIP file. Be sure to download this new version of the program!
April 17, 1996 BEATLEG update (new program, new data files!)
April 09, 1996 Corrected Good Day Sunshine info.
Added Come Together (Beatles in the '90s) bootleg.
Added Documents Vol.2.
Added scan for Lost Lennon Tapes 30,31,32
April 02, 1996 Updated Good Day Sunshine info on Fanclub magazines page
(hopefully) fixed imagemap problems on McCartney Album Overview
Added SP110, added scan for VT6869
March 31, 1996 Added McCartney bootleg NK005/006. Added Beatles bootleg WHT868.
Two new articles on bootlegs: The Beatleg Market: Dec. 8, 1990 (by Ron Synovitz)
Unreleased "Sessions" - Source of late 1980s Beatlegs
March 28, 1996 Updated McCartney Extra Tracks list
March 26, 1996 New! Added Free As A Bird - The Dakota Beatle Demos CD
March 20, 1996 6 new English translations on Maccatext pages
16 new Beatletext pages.
March 17, 1996 Added the 4CD Yellow Dog Boxes Ultimate Collection Vol.1 and Ultimate Collections Vol.2
March 16, 1996 Added Reviews of Anthology II
March 15, 1996 Beatles Bootleg Update. Added WPOCM011, WPOCM010, Get Back, BDAC160.
Updated World Tour Page. Added Rockshow Video.
March 14, 1996 Added Beatleg Homepage. Finally opened Beatleg Site
Beatles Bootleg Update. Added BAN20-A,B,C,D, CO25197,CO25706.
March 13, 1996 Beatles Bootleg Update. Added GDRCD9304, JOK043, LLRCD143, LU9206, LU9423, LU9424 (all contributed by David Wren from Australia).
March 12, 1996 Beatles Bootleg Pages. Major updates: VT122, YD032, RPCD1138.
New additions: TB08/2, SW3, MONGCD020, RFTCD16, LU9425-2 and LU9426-2
March 11, 1996 Opening Lennon's Closet of Beatles Bootlegs, another great article by Ron Synovitz (thanks Ron!)
March 10, 1996 Added Ron Synovitz's additions to his review of Unsurpassed Masters Vol.4. This includes a collection of public statements Lennon made on drugs.
March 07, 1996 Replaced and added 750KB of cover scans, mainly on Orange, Yellow Dog, Strawberry and Yellow Cat pages. Added YD011 and YD035 page. Added 4 new Beatletext pages.
Translated the two new Maccatext pages regarding Paul's new Tour, Album and guest appearances by George and Ringo!
March 06, 1996 Created McCartney Vinyl Boot Page with 6 new entries (thanks to Alex Crabb!). Fixed a few things on Extra Tracks Page, World Tour Page, New World Tour Page, Genesis (Anthology Book) Page, added a new Anthology link.
March 05, 1996 Added 11 new Beatletext pages. Added 3 new Maccatext pages.
February 29, 1996 Added BD007 Hodge Podge Vol.2 Added a few new scans here and there.
February 17, 1996 Added Eggs Up album. Another excellent review on "Unsurpassed Masters Vol.4" by Ron Synowitz. Added "Complete Catalogue Of BBC Beatles Recordings, No.1" Added an article on Anthology I, published in New Zealand.
Ron Synowitz contributed two more professionally researched pages: On the "Watching Rainbows 1969 RTL broadcast", and on the 1978 LP "Watching Rainbows"
February 16, 1996 Created "Get Back" Sessions Overview (so far Twickenham sessions are mostly finished; Apple studio sessions under construction; many links also still to be added).
Beatletext update - 15 new pages! Also a few scans got replaced by better ones.
February 15, 1996 Maccatext Update. Added new scans to bootleg pages (YD054, YD055, OR022, YC059, YC060, ...). Updated New World Tour Page. Added World Tour Page.
February 05, 1996 Added History of "Get Back" bootlegs to Get Back Journals 2 page
February 03, 1996 Added "As Nature Intended" (VT122) CD. Added more scans to Get Back Journals II
February 02, 1996 Added Track Listings for various "Orange" label CDs on both Beatles Orange and McCartney Orange pages. Added Tracklistings of the 3 last "Oobu Joobu" CDs.
February 01, 1996 New! Hot! Great! Added the brand new VigOtone 8CD Box "Get Back Journals II"
January 31, 1996 Added For Sale Page.
January 30, 1996 Many new bootleg CDs on Miscellaneous Labels page. New Black Dog Label page.
January 04, 1996 New World Tour Page added. 12 new Beatletext, 5 new Maccatext news.
January 01, 1996 Many bootleg pages updated / new entries.

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