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December 30 added a bunch of bootleg LPs, with two scans each:
Live At The BBC 1962-65,
AR 8-69 No. 3 Abbey Road NW8,
MNS (4) 54007 The Paris Match,
LK4438-1 The Decca Tapes,
SPRO-9469 Casualties,
SPRO-9462 Collectors Items,
SPRO-9463 Collectors Items,
SE 7701 The Deccagone Sessions,
MOP 910 Not For Sale,
20 X 4,
Clue 9 Strawberry Fields Forever,
LK4450 The Beatles Broadcasts,
MHR JET909-1 Doll's House,
NEM 61842 Beautiful Dreamer,
ORO 6365 With Love From Us To You.
Added cover scan to SB-18 Raw Energy in the Other Beatles Releases section.
Added a 2nd review to Vigo 174 The McCartney - Mac Manus Collaboration.
Added verified reference numbers and annotations to:
YOUNGBLOOD- 1960-1963 (Artifacts II, Disc 1) and The Early Years- 1958-1963 (Artifacts I, Disc 1)
December 28 added the bootleg CDs: HL133 Watching Rainbows,
BB001 4 Others, (with CD notes and review),
1030 In My Life, (with scans and review),
OMI 98-1-2 Anthology More, (with scan)
P.S. Love Me Do, Flaming Pie - The Crust! and One Evening In Moscow
December 21 The Beatles on CD-ROM:
added UFO001 Beatles at the movies and The Beatles CD-ROM Multimedia.
added complete text of the booklet to PEGBOY1007 George Harrison - 12 Arnold Grove.
Added scans to Vigo 172-173 The Ultimate Beatles Christmas Collection.
Updated listing of WR033-34 More Songs For Patti.
Added DPRO-79971 From Me To You (with scans).
Added scans to Vigo 174 The McCartney - Mac Manus Collaboration.
Added CD-R Return To Pepperland (with scan).
Greatly updated Flaming Pies (promo recipe book) page - added scans of the French version.
December 12 Updated McCartney Latest News.
Added DPRO-79968 Acetates And Alternates 2 (incl. scans+review), VJ-6365 Sweden '63 - Atlanta '65 (scans+review) and Traveling Wilburys Complete Collection (incl. scans).
Added an excellent track analysis to BB028-29-30 Complete Cold Cuts.
CD-ROMs: Added Rock Archive Vol.1- The Beatles (incl. scan + review). More CD-ROMs to come soon.
Fixed a few "missing file" problems in the  Other Beatles Releases section.
Fixed a few "password required" problems for freely available stuff in the McCartney Oobu Joobu and Promo CDs sections.
November 28 Added The Tribute To Lennon and The Beatles to the Beatles related artists and cover versions section.
Added the latest batch of VigOtone discs: Vigo 172-173 The Ultimate Beatles Christmas Collection, Vigo 174 The McCartney - Mac Manus Collaboration and Vigo 175-176-177 Listen To This...
Updated Alphabetical CD Index.

Updated McCartney Latest News.

November 25 Bootleg section opens again. The first passwords are now issued and working. Please submit your applications now!       Why this membership thing?
(Note: right now the passwords only work on the rgo.simplenet.com server. They will become available at gernhardt.com later.)
November 11 NOTE: Bootleg section still unaccessible!!! I am working on a solution. Please do not ask me about it - the more you ask, the longer it will take. My time is limited, and email is about to eat up all my time. Contributors will get their passwords for free. But please be patient!

Updated McCartney Latest News

November 1 updated fan clubs page. Added WR033/34 More Songs For Patti, The Ultimate Christmas Album (more scans), WR038 Another Flaming Pie.
October 25 disabled bootleg section
October 20 Added E-mail WWW forms as the means to contact me.
October 6 numerous corrections in the web structure. Added B17664 Live in Melbourne 17 June 1964, MFCD008/009 After The Remember, SS004 Kinfauns
September 29 Updated McCartney Latest News (Online Chat!).
Added bootleg MFCD006/007 The Beatles - Radio Sessions 1962-1965 (with scans + review)
September 26 Updated McCartney Latest News (Paul will do Online Chat!). Added Paul's latest release Rushes.
Bootlegs: Big Walrus update:
WR022/23 The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Volume 11&12, WR024/25 The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Volume 13&14, WR026/27 The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Volume 15&16, WR017/18 The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Volume 7&8, WR028/29 The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Volume 17&18, WR030/31 The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Volume 19&20, WR032 - The Beatles Live in Japan - added/completed them all, with multiple scans, complete CD notes!
Also added: The Beatles Live In The United Kingdom 1962-1965
September 14 Updated McCartney Latest News. Added McCartney bootlegs MCV1 Veggie Pie and FHH CDP001 Rude Studio Demos (1980) upgraded. Added Beatles bootleg FHH CDH001Upgraded Collection - Highlights.
September 8 Finally - finished the revised Get Back Session Overview. Framed, updated, corrected, enhanced, and many thanks to Wolfgang and Erek who had to wait very long (and I still had to work four complete evenings on this update!)
September 3 Added the latest McCartney Vigotone releases: Madman72 "Got Any Toothpicks?" (with many scans, liner notes, review) and the long-awaited Vigo 164/165 Last Flight - The Complete 1979 Glasgow Concert (with even more scans and a review).
Update McCartney Latest News.
August 31 Added Lon & Derrek: Black & White to the related artists page.
Added the latest Yellow Cat release YC065 Appaloosa Love.
Updated Beatles Links.
August 25 Added two Ringo CD-R bootlegs: Live at the Bottom Line, NY 5/12/98 and Storytellers.
Updated Fan Clubs page (added 38 scans)
August 16 Updated Beatles homepage and Beatles Links. Updated Beatles bootlegs section: Added complete booklet notes to PEGBOY1006 John Lennon - The Dream Is Over. Added PRSW 012 SHOCK WAVES VOL.12 HARRISON TAPES, PRSW 015 SHOCK WAVES VOL.15 THROUGH THE YEARS 3, CD 102111 A Piece Of History Beatles, 1960/1962 Volume 1 and 1960/1962 Volume 2. Updated comments on RP01 Real Love.
Updated The Beatles on CD-ROM - added new logo. Added a couple of new thumbnails. Added Anthology 1 Multimedia CD-ROM Promo Kit.
Updated Fan Clubs and regular publications page.
McCartney: Updated Macca-Links.
July 7 Updated McCartney Latest News. Added new scan to 45 Helen Wheels / Country Dreamer. Added CD-R set BB028/29/30 Complete Cold Cuts with many scans. New entries for the Collaborations section (with scans): Various Artists - Music for Montserrat and Ringo Starr - Vertical Man. Added video Music For Montserrat (with scans) to the Paul McCartney's Videos section.
Updated Macca-Links and Beatles Links.
Beatles: Added 5 new thumbnails to Walrus (this means complete pages will follow eventually, do not submit scans!). Big BEAT update - added new pages with scan or scan: The Beatles - The Capitol Versions vol. 2, The Beatles - The Capitol Versions vol. 4, The Beatles - The Capitol Versions vol. 5, The Beatles - The Capitol Versions vol.6, Rarities 2 - We Can Work It Out, Rarities 3 - The Final Mixes, The Ed Sullivan Shows, The Beatles - The VJ Story, George Martin Interviews/Making Of Sgt Pepper, The Beatles - Love Songs, The Beatles - Rarities. Added RP01 Real Love (with many scans) to CD-R section.
Added two thumbnails to The Beatles on CD-ROM. Added Brasilian club to Fan Clubs and regular publications.
June 17 Updated McCartney Latest News. Added the new Good Day Sunshine Magazine Issue #82.
Spring cleaning in the bootleg section: Many of the CDs from the Miscellaneous Labels section were moved into proper categories.
Fixed the annoying Netscape 4.04/4.05 bug which made navigating difficult by applying a work-around. Added GH01 - Awaiting On You All, SMO 96001 Live On British Radio Vol. 1, "Imagine", I Beatles dopo i Beatles, Christmas Present (added cover scans), The Beatles Conquer America, Kum Back!, The Beatles - Nothing Is Real (Private Tapes 1965 - 1967), Spicy Beatle Songs, Albert Hall Press Conference
Started update of Studio Outtakes Index. Added two tickets to McCartney Memorabilia.
May 25

Updated McCartney Latest News.
Added complete liner notes to PB1008 It's Not Too Bad (thanks to David Goodwin!). Added RPM 101/102 The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts. Added new section for CD-R bootlegs (select labels, then CD-R) to the bootleg main page, including a CD-R FAQ (but only if you have JavaScript switched on!). Added CD-R Drifter001 Now Hear This. Further smaller updates, too many to list. More to come soon.

May 14

Updated the latest batch of Yellow Dog CDs:
YC064 Old Friends From Montserrat (more/new scans), YD068/69 FANthology (lots of scans) and BD009 Puttin' On The Style (lots of scans).
Added the following Walrus CDs:
Walrus 006/7 The Alternate Magical Mystery Tour (with lots of scans + details), WR019/20 The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Volume 9&10 (lots of scans + details), WR021 The Alternate Revolver (lots of scans + details), WR022/23 The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Volume 11&12 (lots of scans), WR024/25 The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Volume 13&14 (lots of scans) and updated WR013 Royal Performances (added track listing).

A note regarding the "Core Collection" tags:
These were all assigned according to the books by D. Sulpy (if you click on the tags, you'll get to the books). However, I haven't added any tags in over one year, although many discs do have "core collection" status. This will be updated when time permits.

A note regarding updates/submissions:
There is a gigantic backlog of readers' submissions waiting to be added. So please, before you submit something, please ask me first! Do not simply send big attachments. Never send images in BMP format. Use JPG only (reasonably sized, not too big, not too small!). Be patient with me. Every submission is added to a (long) queue and will be processed and added eventually. Don't underestimate the time it takes to handle this all, and don't underestimate the gigantic size this site already has - this slows down everything.

April 20

Re-opened PLUGGED site. Updated McCartney Latest News.

April 19

Devastating news of Linda's death. Closed PLUGGED site to express my sympathy.

April 19

Added track listings to WR008/9 Whitology, WR010/11 The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Volume 3&4 and WR014/15 The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Volume 5&6. Added a separate RAM Records index page to the Labels section of Bootlegs. Added RAM001 Live In Edinburgh, Scotland (with scans and review), RAM003 First Live Show (with review) and MM9117 Wings Live In Newcastle.
Added the latest batch of Yellow Dog CDs:
YC064 Old Friends From Montserrat (with scans and details), YD068/69 FANthology and BD009 Puttin' On The Style.

April 17

On Friday night, the US server went down (for unknown reasons) but will hopefully come back.

April 13

BIG update: Finally added a HUGE McCartney Collaborations section (containing 58 separate pages with lots of scans and information, worth almost 6 MB!).
Largely updated McCartney Extra Tracks page.
Redesign and many new scans added to MARCH 5, 1963.
Updated Walrus index page and added the following bootlegs with lots of scans and basic information (details to be added shortly): WR008/9 Whitology, WR010/11 The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Volume 3&4, WR013 Royal Performances and WR014/15 The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Volume 5&6

April 07 Updated Vigo 161/62 When It Rains It Pours: Added scans and review. Added Vigo 158/59/60 John Lennon Absolute Elsewhere (3CD) with scans and review.
Finally added PEGBOY1008 John Lennon/The Beatles It's Not Too Bad with scans and review.
March 31 Updated McCartney Promo CDs: Added Beautiful Night, Young Boy (US) and added further scans to The World Tonight.
March 30 Bootleg update: Added McCartney Vigo 161/62 When It Rains It Pours. Added scan to VT-15 The Knebworth Concert. Added T2 Christmas Album (with scans) and BAG 5105/6/7 The Lost Lennon Tapes 33,34,35 (with scans, full details and CD notes, reviews and track analysis).
March 22 Updated McCartney Latest News. Added scans to RAM009 Completed Rarities "Video Gems" and HD-1 Secret Night
January 22 Updated McCartney Latest News
January 13 Updated McCartney Latest News

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