Flaming Pies

This promotional booklet was released in several countries. Please report if you also got it in other countries!
WANTED: If you have a spare copy of this booklet, please contact me - thanks!

Images used, herein, are owned by the individual copyright holders and are presented for review and promotional purposes only.
Hier dargestellte Bilder sind Eigentum der jeweiligen Rechteinhaber. Sie sind ausschließlich zum Zwecke der Rezension und der Promotion dargestellt.
cover / English version

recipe 1 / English version

cover / German version
German booklet

French cover
French cover
French Recipe No. 1French Recipe No. 2
French Recipe No. 3French Recipe No. 4
(French recipes 1-4)
French Recipe No. 5French Recipe No. 6
(French recipes 5-6)

(In Norway, this booklet was released in connection with the Young Boy promo CD and special packaging)

Many thanks to Roger Stormo, Norway, and to Evelyn Schwarz, Germany, for the scans!
Many thanks to Antoine Veit veita@infonie.fr for the scans of the French Flaming Pies!


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