Beatles at the movies

scenes from a career

CD-ROM cover
Release Date 1997
Platform Windows PC, Macintosh (hybrid CD-ROM)
Size 324,009 KBytes
Manufacturer Ufo Music Ltd
Pricing approx. $25

Contents This CD-ROM contains:
  • Over 30 minutes of unreleased film footage of the 'Fab Four'.
  • Over 200 previously unseen photographs, spanning their whole career
  • Interviews with John Lennon and Dick Lester (the producer)
  • An informative and revealing text by Roy Carr (based on the book Beatles at the Movies)

Comments This CD-ROM is also made using Macromedia Director, and the screen resolution is 640x480 only. This makes it a little hard to properly read the texts, here. The main point is probably to have all the video footage, much of it is silent. Also the photos are very good. Judging from the quality of Carr's book on which this CD-ROM is based, I would have expected more textual information. Still, it is a great add-on if you have the book.

Many thanks to Juan Carlos Mazas de Lizana Botella and to Watching Wheels for the scans!

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