the fireman

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Rushes - CD cover CD


U.K./Europe Release 21 September 1998, Parlophone 7243 4 97055 2 4
U.S. Release expected on 20 October 1998, Capitol

Total Playing Time

1 watercolour guitars 5:48
2 palo verde 11:56
3 auraveda 12:51
4 fluid 11:19
5 appletree cinnaber amber 7:12
6 bison 2:40
7 7am 7:49
8 watercolour rush 1:45


This record is a Paul McCartney album. Like the 1993 "fireman" album strawberries oceans ships forest, it has been produced by "Youth."


Thanks go to Simon van der Peet for scans, promo and pre-release information.

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