The Beatles CD-ROM Multimedia

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Release Date 1995 in Spain (Spanish language) (now out of print)
Platform Windows PC
Size 411,271 KBytes
Manufacturer Trebol Multimedia
Pricing 4995 pts

Contents Contains information, photos and videos. Made with Macromedia Director. Fixed size 640x480 pixels.
The CD-ROM is devided into 11 sections:
  • Etapas
  • Discographia
  • Personajes
  • Anécdotas
  • Imágenes
  • Video
  • Cronologia
  • Memorabilia
  • Filmografia
  • Juego
  • Beatles en Espańa

Comments A typical 1995-style multimedia CD-ROM. It looks quite good at first site but there just isn't too much information on it.
The 60+ videos are all of rather poor quality, many taken from the "Big Beat Box" video, others are official promo videos in bad quality. The sound quality is usually not good. Of course there are a couple of images and videos that appear to be quite rare and make this item interesting. There's also this annotated discography section which even has a speaker explain a few things - in Spanish language. Generally there's a bit of everything on this CD-ROM.

Juan Carlos Mazas de Lizana Botella mentions that this 1995 issue was edited for "Trebol Multimedia" and is now out of print. But in December 1997, there was another issue, edited for "Ediser Multimedia", with information at

Many thanks to Ferran Vellejo for the scans, and to Juan Carlos Mazas de Lizano Botella for the annotation.

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