Good Day Sunshine - Issue #80

Good Day Sunshine #80 This is the most comprehensive issue ever - 172 pages! And it's also the first issue in a while: Matt Hurwitz took over the magazine from GDS founder Charles F. Rosenay!!!, and it's been a big jump for him to make from writer to publisher.

GDS of course covers all Beatles related events, appearances and releases in great detail. What makes it so special is the best in-depth coverage and expanded stories of Beatle news around. For me, GDS is an invaliable source of information. Only in GDS I can find all the detailed background information (e.g. in-depth interviews with recording engineers like the detailed process of preparing Free As A Bird; how the Anthology covers were developed; etc.) which I always wanted to read about! Don't miss the current issue ("special edition"), it's absolutely worth it (and it's 172 pages - more than twice as much as the usual 80 pages)!

My favorite stories

  • detailed articles on the Anthology (1+2) releases, including promo issues, electronic press kits and CD-ROMs (with many photos)
  • Chart Beatles! (record sales figures)
  • Paperback Reader - A Look At The Beatles' Past Year In Print
  • About That Cover (about Klaus Voormann's and Alfons Kiefer's work on the Anthology covers)
  • Studio Magic - Turning Lost Lennon Tapes Into Beatle Treasures (Engineer Marc Mann tells GDS what it took for him and Jeff Lynne to bring John Lennon's home demos from home recording to "Beatle-ready" state.)
  • Recording The Beatles - Geoff Emerick Interview (Part 2)
  • Paul & LIPA - We're On Our Way Home
  • Off the Beatle Track (25+ pages on all Beatles releases (also the very rare ones!) - including many pictures.)
  • Complete 1995 Beatles Discography

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