Paul Is Live

cover (front)
Order Number 087/68817
Length 85 minutes
Release 1993
Copyright MPL TOURS Inc.


Comments by Ulrich Bessler

"I bought it because I have attended the concert but I don't regard this videa as essential. Many things are not contained at all, and the live-feeling does not come over very well. The crossfades are distracting - there are jumps between various appearances all the time, even during one song. For reasons of documentation it's quite OK, but the CD is better... "

0'00" (intro)
1'19" Drive My Car
3'39" Let Me Roll It
7'46" Looking For Changes
10'32" Peace In The Neighbourhood
15'21" All My Loving
17'38" Good Rockin' Tonight
20'24" We Can Work It Out
23'20" Hope Of Deliverance
26'49" Michelle
29'54" Biker Like An Icon
33'28" Here, There And Everywhere
35'57" Magical Mystery Tour
39'07" C'mon People
  Lady Madonna
47'18" Paperback Writer
49'56" Penny Lane
52'59" Live And Let Die
56'26" Kansas City
59'52" Let It Be
1h03'51" Yesterday
1h05'52" Hey Jude
1h13'36" (closing title)
1h15'30" Bonus: 12 min. World Tour Intro Film
cover (back)

Thanks to Ulrich for his comments and his list of details!

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