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July 09, 2000: Cavern Gig Rebroadcasts

Paul's December 1999 45 minute Cavern Club Performance - which set a new record for internet broadcasts - is currently being rebroadcast at The broadcasts last for 24 hours and begin at noon (EDT) on these dates:

Friday June 30  *  Saturday July 1 *   Wednesday July 5  * Saturday July 8 *  Saturday July 15  * Thursday July 20  * Monday July 24  * Friday August 4  * Thursday August 10

Check it out at!

June 12, 2000: New Paul Song "Maybe Baby"

Maybe Baby OSTThe Soundtrack album to the new UK movie "Maybe Baby" contains a new song by Paul McCartney: "Maybe Baby."

Paul's cover version of this well-known song really rocks. Unfortunately this soundtrack album has only been released in the United Kingdom (on 5 June, 2000).

You can order it from England by using this link.

Here's the tracklisting: 

1. Maybe Baby -- Paul McCartney
2. Unforgivable Sinner -- Lene Marlin
3. Suddenly Monday -- Melanie C
4. I Don't Wanna Fight -- Westlife
5. Cry Like A Baby -- Kasey Chambers
6. Pump It Up -- Elvis Costello
7. Comedy -- Shack
8. I Can't Make You Love Me -- George Michael
9. Cradle -- Atomic Kitten
10. Dont Call Me Baby -- Madison Avenue
11. Chorus 2000 -- Gold n Delicious
12. Do The Strand -- Roxy Music
13. This Love -- Birth
14. All I Need -- Tin Tin Out
15. Lately More Than Ever -- Hobotalk
16. It Must Be Love -- Madness

Buy this book at amazon (UK)

May 22, 2000: News Update

Signed Poster Auctioned

Matt Hurwitz of GDS tells us:

Classical radio station KDFC-FM in San Francisco is auctioning off a "Working Classical" poster autographed by Paul McCartney. The auction benefits The Garland Appeal, which also benefits from the sale of EMI Classics' new CD, "a Garland for Linda," featuring 9 British classical composers' new works in tribute to Linda (including Paul's new "Nova"). The Garland Appeal benefits cancer research, as well as healing through music.

You can have a look by visiting KDFC's website at:

Just click on the auction link in the upper right. The auction, which is run through Yahoo, closes on May 24.

Paul at New York "Garland" Premiere

Matt Hurwitz of GDS tells us:

Just a reminder, tickets are still available for the New York premiere of "a Garland for Linda" at The Riverside Church on Saturday June 3. A number of the composers will attend, including Paul McCartney, David Matthews (who worked with Paul on "Standing Stone"), Judith Bingham, Roxanna Panufnik.

Tickets are available through Ticketmaster. In the New York area, call (212) 307-4100, or, if outside New York, call (800) 755-4000 or visit their website at Ticket prices are $30, $50, $100 and $250. The $250 tickets are for Gold Circle seats, which include premium seating, a pre-concert champagne reception & vegetarian dinner in the Assembly Hall at 6pm, and a souvenir program, and, of course, a chance to mingle with the composers and other important guests.

The performance benefits The Garland Appeal, which assists in cancer research and works with music in healing the sick. For more information and "a Garland for Linda," visit

"a Garland for Linda" was released by EMI Classics on April 25, and has already reached No. 7 in the Billboard Classical charts. The disc features Paul's new choral selection, "Nova."

Various Items

On April 25, various items that belonged to Brian Epstein were auctioned off - amongst them a four page handwritten letter from Paul.
On April 27 Paul appeared at a benefit dinner in New York which coincided with the US release of "a Garland for Linda." The media wrote a lot of nonsense on a "new Paul" with "short hair" and "wearing a suit." - as if this was new!
On May 4, Paul and Heather (Mills) were seen arm in arm at Heathrow airport on route to New York.
The following week Paul has joined the campaign to ban landmines. ""This is a very serious issue that we should all try to do something to sort out. It's all the more important when you realise more than 80 per cent of victims are women and children."
On May 11, Richard Porter of the
London Beatles Fan Club spotted Paul with nearly his entire family, including Heather Mills, nearby his London offices. They were all dressed in suits and nice dresses.

Apr. 24, 2000: Liverpool's Paul McCartney Weekend

It's a whole weekend of celebrations. On Saturday morning (17th June) the here-there-everywhere tour of Macca's Merseyside will begin, with a lonnnnngggg tour, one of the highlights being a picnic lunch at The Linda McCartney playground dedicated by Paul last year (there are great pics on Jeans site

The day will last from 11am until about 6pm, and will cover many sites not usually seen on the tours - eg. Paul's birthplace & first home, birthplace of 'Mother Mary' the first venue Paul ever played as a Quarryman, his Speke Homes etc etc.

This Day In the Life will finish with a 'Beautiful Night' of Macca & Beatle music at Litherland Town Hall, with all proceeds going to The Linda McCartney Centre. This will be amazing, with Merseybeat band Ian & the Zodiacs, plus Lawrence Gilmour - Paul's double in 'No Other Baby', the wonderful Bob Barty with his amazing 'Banned On the Run' and the Eleanor Rigby Experience more could be added nearer to the date....

The Following Day, several very brave walkers will take the 'Long & Winding Road' from Liverpool (Cavern) to London (Abbey Road) ON FOOT!!

We have a variety of packages available, including accommodation at The Adelphi hotel if required.

Go to for full details.

Apr. 10, 2000: It was 30 years ago today...

Q: "Do you forsee a time when Lennon-McCartney becomes an active songwriting partnership again?"
McCartney: "No."

This was printed in a press release, enclosed with advance copies of Paul's first solo album "McCartney." which was due for release on April 17 - a couple of weeks before the final Beatles album "Let It Be" was finally released.

"The Beatles break up" - "Paul quits the Beatles" ... the media went wild. The general focus was on Paul - since the tone of his press release and the timing of the release of his album really put him into a bad position.

Fact is: Paul was the last one to leave the Beatles but the first one to announce it to the public. The Beatles as a group had long broken up. Ringo first left the group during the White Album sessions in 1968, John later that year, and George during the "Get Back" album sessions in January 1969. Only contractual reasons, it seems, made them record together again - the breakup was long overdue.


Apr. 4, 2000: HATTRICK! This site tops "Laxton's 3rd annual Beatles Web Site Contest" in 3 categories

First of all, the webmaster wishes to express his sincerest thanks to everyone who have cast their votes! Also many thanks for voting a 2nd time when the votetaker chose to take down the first "graphical" poll since it was being manipulated and all votes had to be discarded.

Last year, this site has won both the "Best Paul McCartney Site" and "Best Collectors/Bootleg Site" awards - can this be topped? See yourself:

This year's results:

Best Paul Site 2000
Category: The Best Paul McCartney Site
Winner: Plugged -- The Unofficial Paul McCartney Home Page
Webmaster: Harald Gernhardt

"Once again, the Paul contest is the most bloodthirsty of all, with the most votes (but not the closest race - that's still to come)! The race WAS closer than last year's, with Harald's slightly larger share of the pie - 64%, as opposed to last year's 60% - beating out the fanatics at Off The Web, up a spot from last year with 32%. At third, for the first time in the top 3, was Macca-L."


Web Site Of The Year 2000
Category: Web Site Of The Year
Winner: Harald Gernhardt's Beatles Site
Webmaster: Harald Gernhardt

"It's been around since 1994, and it's always in the running, but this is the first year Harald's site has won the Big One, eating up 41% of the vote and just beating out two-time winner The Spanish Beatles Page, which pulled in 32%, and Abbeyrd's Beatle Page, which garnered 21%."


Best Collectors Site 2000
Category: The Best Bootleg/Collectors Site
Winner: Harald Gernhardt's Beatle Page
Webmaster: Harald Gernhardt

"One of the oldest and most-respected Fab sites on the web, Harald's site really pulled away from the pack this year, winning with 97% of the vote! Not to dwarf the importance of two wonderful newcomers to the winner's circle: The Beatleg Project, with 2% of the vote, and The Beatles Archives, with the final 1%. Several other fine sites received votes, but the competition was fierce: this section of the contest had more total votes than almost any other!"

Mar. 27: Unseen art at Liverpool's Tate Gallery

According to the Liverpool Beatlescene, previously unseen art by John Lennon and Paul McCartney will be displayed at Liverpool's Tate Gallery from 7 April - during a major exhibition by Peter Blake, the man who realized the cover of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Paul reportedly has "made a picture from pasted paper in the shape of a cross, featuring an image of his late wife Linda." Paul has also prepared a 20-minute sound collage consisting of spliced tapes, some recorded during the Cavern gig, and some while travelling by car. Also, unheard Beatles studio talk can be heard. The exhibition runs until March 4, 2001.

Mar. 18: Paul admits "we are an item"; Paul tops britpop rich list

Paul admits "we are an item"

Walking hand-in-hand through London's Regent's Park, Paul and Heather Mills were spotted by the press, and Paul had this statement to make: "We are a couple, an item, and have just been on holiday together. She's a very impressive woman. We are already very close and are hoping to grow even closer but it's still fairly early days. It began as a friendship, we grew close doing charity work together, but has now grown into more than that and I'm delighted."

Paul had previously denied his relation with the 32-year-old Mills, who has lost a leg in an accident with a police motorcycle six years ago. According to press reports, Paul was "deeply moved" when he first met Heather at a charity event in May last year, where she presented an award to a woman who had lost all her arms and legs.

Paul's further quoted: "Things have developed at a leisurely pace and, to be honest, we'd like to think that they will continue to do so. I'm not a politician or a spy or anything like that so I really would like to ask for a bit of privacy - the last thing we need is photographers jumping out of bushes every time we go out for a stroll together.
        If this is going to develop, it's got to be given time and space. I hope the media will respect that and I don't think anyone would like to think that their money is being used to pay photographers to stalk Heather and I. That sort of thing could wreck what we've got."

Editor's note: This is the first report on this romance on this site - we did not want to spread any rumors. Now that this is official, we can talk openly about the romance. It is not known when it really started, but reportedly, Heather had been a regular visitor to Paul's Sussex farm since November. They've spent New Year's Eve together, and they were recently spotted on vacation in the Caribbean. Heather also accompanied Paul last week when he was spotted dancing on a bar in America.

Paul tops britpop rich list

Since people keep emailing the webmaster about such things - here's a report, although I feel this stuff is very speculative and maybe far from actual facts:

Reportedly, Paul once again tops the updated "Sunday Times Rich List" - at least in the music field. He's number 41in the overall list. The report lists him as having earned £50 million last year, making his total fortune a stunning £550 million (approx. US$860 million). For those who don't know, Paul is into very successful music publishing. His company MPL owns the rights to many music catalogs, amongst them many all-time classics like the Buddy Holly catalog, or "Unchained Melody", to name a few. He does not, however, own the rights to most of his own Beatles songs, but that's a very long story!

Mar. 11: Paul at RRHOF; Paul dancing; Paul tribute hoax

Paul at RRHOF (06 March 2000)

Paul Paul McCartney made a surprise appearance at this year's Rock'n'Roll Hall of Hame induction ceremony at the Waldorf-Astoria last Monday, March 6. He inducted "Apple" artist James Taylor and said "you can't really call it one thing. 'Rock and roll' is too slim for what's going on tonight. I love him, he's really a beautiful guy. We had a lot of really good times back then, I think."
Paul couldn't stay for the jam session at the end although organizers had apparently planned "Long Tall Sally." (thanks to Richmond Johns for the photos)
Paul and James Taylor

Paul dancing on a bar

Later that night, Paul was seen dancing on the bar at Hogs & Heifers in the Meatpacking District. Reportedly he entered the cavern at about 1 a.m. The barmaid Michele Gascoigne (see photo to the right) was trying hard in persuading Paul to dance on the bar! Reportedly, she said "Mr. McCartney, we have a tradition here that only women can dance on the bar. But we're willing to break that tradition - for one knight." Paul laughed but declined. Gascoigne then climbed up on the bar with a megaphone and said "Wait a second, Mr. McCartney. With all due respect, sir, you mean to tell me you can get up on stage in front of 65,000 people at Shea Stadium, but you're afraid to get up here with little ol' me?'" To the cheers of the crowd, Paul jumped up the bar, and started to twist to Jerry Lee Lewis' "Whole Lotta Shakin". He took the megaphone to sing a few lines, and then started a saucy striptease by playfully taking his suspenders off his shoulders. Paul later called the barmaid a "cheeky little devil." (thanks to Richmond Johns for the photo) Paul and the bar maid

Paul tribute album hoax

For about 6 months, someone's been trying to spread a rumor on an upcoming tribute album on Paul McCartney. A wide range of well-known artists was listed, from Brian Wilson to XTC and World Party. Since this webmaster had his doubts on authenticity of these announcements, this webmaster decided not to report about this here.
However, the U.S. Billboard magazine has recently picked up these "announcements" and reported about this upcoming album. Finally, MPL (Paul's publishing company) issued a press release that they know nothing about such a tribute album, and in the meanwhile artists - who were listed as being on this album - issued statements that this is the first thing they ever hear about it, and they have denied any involvement. So, as expected, this thing turned out to be nothing more than a hoax.

Feb. 27: Tickets for U.S. premiere of "a Garland for Linda"

Matt Hurwitz of GDS tells us:

In case you hadn't heard, tickets for the U.S. premiere of "a Garland for Linda" will go on sale next Wednesday, March 1, 2000. The show will take place at Riverside Church in New York City on Saturday June 3. A number of the program's composers are expected to attend. It is not yet known if Paul will be in attendance.

Tickets are available through Ticketmaster, in three price ranges:

$100.00 - Best seats, includes a souvenir program
$30.00 - Obstructed view (for listening only)

For those unfamiliar, "a Garland for Linda" is a brand new program of choral classical music featuring works by 9 of Britain's top modern composers, including Paul McCartney, who contributed a new piece, "Nova." The program premiered in England last summer, with Paul and all of the other composers in attendance. Performances of "Garland" benefits The Garland Appeal, which helps with cancer research programs. The Garland Appeal was founded by Stephen Connock, himself a cancer survivor, who also organized "a Garland for Linda." Information about The Garland Appeal and how to make donations can be found on the Appeal's brand new website, at:

"a Garland for Linda" was released on CD in England on February 7 and will be coming out in the U.S. April 25 on EMI Classics.

Feb. 01: Paul at NME Music Awards; Paul on VIP

Paul at NME Music Awards

Today (February 1st 2000) Paul appeared at the N.M.E. Premier Music Awards on behalf of The Beatles, to pick up a trophy for "The Best Band in the World Ever" as voted by the readers of the magazine. The ceremony took place at London's "Mermaid Theatre".

(N.M.E. standing for "New Musical Express" for those unaware, Englands top weekly music magazine for almost 50 years, and in fact the producers of the first ever chart in this country on 14th November 1952).

On receiving the trophy, Paul said; "oh-oh-oh, Thank you everyone, Thank you NME readers, Thank you John, George, Ringo."

Then in an interview afterwards for London Independent Television News, he said, "It's really good because it's voted for by the readers. You know sometimes when it's academy members or panels, you gotta suspect it a bit, but when it's readers, and when it's 30 years later then we were playing, it's pretty astounding you know."

The Interviewer then asked, "Is it not depressing that 30 years later there hasn't been anyone else who's come anywhere near you as best group ?"

To which Paul replied, "No it's good. We were just good. We were just a hell of a good band, so there's been plenty of people who've come near us. I mean it's easy to talk immodestly about The Beatles, but you've kinda got to, because we were bloody good !"

"As it's SIR Paul McCartney, we`ll allow him the "B" word" !", said the presenter as the TV production signed off.

For NME website results listing see :

And for live webcast of the awards at 20:00hrs TONIGHT  

[Graham Calkin]

Paul on VIP

You might have heard rumors a few months ago that Paul McCartney would be making an appearance on Pamela Anderson Lee's TV series, "VIP." Well, it's true!

According to Lee's office, the episode will air the week beginning Saturday February 5, likely repeating sometime within the following seven days, as well (In Los Angeles, it airs Sunday February 6, with a repeat the following Saturday night at 12:30). Check your local listings for local broadcast times.

The episode is called "All You Need Is Val." Pamela's character, Val, and her VIP protection agency are called on to provide services at an important Hollywood awards ceremony - at which Paul McCartney will be the headlining attraction (sound familiar?). There's a bomb scare, and, Val and her associate Nikki go to handle the situation. At the end of the show, Paul gives Val an award for saving the day.

The footage is actually taken from Paul's appearance at the PETA Millenium Gala last September, through the kind permission of PETA and MPL. You'll recall that Paul, indeed, did present Pamela an award during the ceremony - the first ever Linda McCartney Memorial Award.

[Matt Hurwitz Publisher Good Day Sunshine Magazine]

Wingspan - Wings Anthology

Apparently, the Wings Anthology, that has reportedly been in the works since about 1997, titled "Wingspan", "has been completed for distribution worldwide in perpetuity on all forms of media known or hereinafter created", according to Juggler Films (a subsidiary of MPL). People who have followed MPL's call and submitted rare material of their personal collection have received letters if their material is actually being used in the documentary.

Jan. 30: Garland For Linda 


An album to celebrate the life of Linda McCartney, with original music from composers including Sir Paul McCartney and John Tavener

CDC 5 56961 2

On 14 February 2000 EMI Classics releases A Garland for Linda, an album of original music by nine contemporary British composers and Ralph Vaughan Williams. The raison d’être for the disc is to commemorate the life of Linda McCartney and to raise funds for cancer research.

The inspiration for A Garland for Linda was A Garland for the Queen, in which ten leading British composers contributed new works for a musical celebration of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953. Vaughan Williams composed Silence and Music for the original tribute. This work appears in first place in the current commemoration.

A Garland for Linda is part of The Garland Appeal, an international cancer charity dedicated to supporting cancer research and the healing power of music. The composers represented are Sir Paul McCartney, John Tavener, John Rutter, Sir Richard Rodney Bennett, Roxanna Panufnik, Michael Berkeley, Judith Bingham, David Matthews and Giles Swayne. Performing these choral compositions are the Joyful Company of Singers conducted by Peter Broadbent, flautist Philippa Davies and cellist Robert Cohen.

Sir Paul McCartney’s writes in the CD booklet, "What happened to Linda happens to many others. We must do all we can to fight cancer. For this reason, I welcome the opportunity, through my music, to raise funds for research to help eradicate breast and liver cancer. I am touched by the musical tributes from the other composers and I am deeply grateful to the performers and organisers of A Garland for Linda. Music does have an extraordinary power to move people and to provide a source of hope. I pray that, through A Garland for Linda, The Garland Appeal can achieve its worthwhile goals to the benefit of music, musicians and cancer sufferers everywhere."

Linda McCartney, who married the former Beatle, Paul McCartney, in 1969, was a celebrated photographer, animal rights campaigner, cookbook author and musician. Her photographs chronicled the musical revolution of the 1960’s and 70’s; they have been exhibited in 70 cities around the world and have helped to promote the aims of various causes including Greenpeace, Great Ormond Street Hospital and the anti-fur lobby Lynx. In 1989 Linda began to promote the vegetarian lifestyle that she and Paul had long embraced; she wrote cookbooks and launched a range of ready-made meat-free meals. As a musician, Linda performed alongside her husband on a number of albums and on numerous world tours. In the last months of her life, she and Paul completed recordings of songs she had written herself. Despite Linda’s many professional credits, she considered her greatest achievement to be her four children: Heather, Mary, Stella and James. Linda McCartney died of cancer in 1998.

A Garland for Linda was premiered at the Charterhouse School in July 1999 at a concert at which all nine living composers were present. The performance officially launched the Garland Appeal, which aims to raise £2 million and to see A Garland for Linda performed at least 200 times world-wide during the next three years. The launch of the album has taken place on 27th January at St Andrew’s Church in Holborn, London – where a special concert has featured all the works on the new album, and was attended by Sir Paul McCartney and several of the other composers.

EMI Classics is donating a royalty from the initial CD release to the Garland Appeal.

Order the CD: Dieses Buch bei Amazon bestellen Buy it at
Germany, release date 11 February United Kingdom, release date 7 February


A Garland for Linda

1. Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958) Silence and Music

Silence and Music, composed to words by Ursula Vaughan Williams, was the fourth of ten works in A Garland for the Queen, in which ten British composers and ten poets paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, the year of her coronation.

2. John Tavener Prayer for the Healing of the Sick

John Tavener, who studied at the Royal Academy of Music with Lennox Berkeley, among others, was also an extremely gifted pianist but chose composition; his early compositions appeared on the Beatles’ Apple label.

Against the background of a strict Presbyterian upbringing, he joined the Russian Orthodox Church in 1977 and this strongly influenced his style. The reflective and meditative qualities of his compositions spring both from the Orthodox tradition and from his own experience of illness. The text for Prayer for the Healing of the Sick is by Mother Thekla and is taken from the Russian Orthodox Service of Holy Unction, a service performed for the composer when he underwent open heart surgery in 1991. It is a contemplative piece that the composer intends to be ‘almost inaudible, just like the gentle touch of a hand.’

3. Judith Bingham Water lilies

Judith Bingham, who was born in Nottingham in 1952, attended the Royal Academy of Music to study composition and singing. She wrote the poem and the music to Water lilies in March 1999, drawing on her experience of swimming through a raft of water lilies in a mountain lake in Bavaria the previous year. She thought of the flowers during the winter and realised that they were undoubtedly frozen, the buds suspended in ice. But she also knew that they would bloom again the following summer and she saw this as a parallel with people who are ill, in that hope is possible, even in one’s darkest moments.

4. John Rutter Musica Dei donum

John Rutter’s music has been influenced by Britten, Walton and Howells, as well as by American composers including Copland and Barber. Musica Dei donum is taken from a text known only from Lassus’s musical setting, which was first published in 1594. Rutter’s setting was originally commissioned by Clare College Cambridge but the composer wanted to contribute it to A Garland for Linda because of its theme of the power of music to ‘uplift sad minds’.

5. David Matthews The Doorway of the Dawn

David Matthews, whose Fifth Symphony was premiered at the 1999 Proms, has studied with Anthony Milner, Nicholas Maw and Deryck Cooke. He also worked with Benjamin Britten for three years and is an admirer of Michael Tippett, about whom he has written a book.

David Matthews met Paul McCartney in 1995 and worked with him on Standing Stone. He also met Linda McCartney, whose optimism and determination to live life to the full made a deep impression on him. He wanted to write a work for her that reflected her fighting qualities. For his text he chose a Pima Indian poem sent to him from Phoenix, Arizona, an area Paul and Linda also loved.

6. Sir Paul McCartney Nova

Nova was written for A Garland for Linda to a text by the composer. To the question ‘Are You there? God where are You?’ comes the answer ‘I am here in every song you sing’. The questioning first stanza is ambiguous in terms of key; the answer, in the second stanza, however, has a clearer tonality and demonstrates McCartney’s lyrical and melodic gifts.

7. Roxanna Panufnik I’d dream’d

Roxanna Panufnik, who studied at the Royal Academy of Music with Hans Werner Henze, among others, has written a wide range of pieces including opera, ballet, music theatre, choral works, chamber music and music for film and television. She arranged I dream’d from a work she had composed as part of an environmental cantata during the illness of her father, the composer Andrzej Panufnik. Based on the poem by Tennyson, it is a spiritual and uplifting piece that turns from melancholy and desolation to a transcendental vision.

8. Michael Berkeley Farewell

Michael Berkeley - the eldest son of the composer Lennox Berkeley, a contributor to the 1953 A Garland for the Queen - is active as a composer and broadcaster and as Artistic Director of the Cheltenham International Festival since 1995. The musical idea for Farewell, a short valedictory lullaby, preceded the choice of text, which is in the form of reworked fragments of literary ideas from Milton, Shakespeare and Elizabeth Speller. The mood of the work is essentially wistful and gentle with moments of grief.

9. Giles Swayne the flight of the swan

Giles Swayne attended composition classes with Olivier Messiaen after studying at the Royal Academy of Music. His interest in African musical tradition later led him to Gambia and southern Senegal. His latest choral work, Havoc, was premiered at the Proms in 1999.

the flight of the swan was inspired by the death of James Manson, the son of a close friend, from brain cancer in 1996. The poem on which the work is based dates from the ninth or tenth century and was intended as a Sequence, a free composition interpolated in the Mass between the Gradual and the Gospel. It tells of a swan flying across an ocean and blown off course because the stars by which it navigates are hidden by storm clouds. But the swan struggles bravely on and when dawn breaks and the clouds part, it regains confidence and soars into the open sky.

10. Sir Richard Rodney Bennett A Good-Night

Richard Rodney Bennett studied with Lennox Berkeley, Howard Ferguson and Pierre Boulez. His works are known for their richness of invention. In the 1960s his enthusiasm for jazz prompted him to write a number of works in a sophisticated jazz style. He is also a gifted pianist, excelling in the classical and jazz repertoire. Recent works include Calico Pie, a setting for chorus of five poems of Edward Lear and Reflections on a 16th Century Tune.

A Good-Night, composed to a poem by Francis Quaries, is a simple and gentle piece. Richard Rodney Bennett knew Linda McCartney, who he found to be always warm and spontaneous. He wanted this work to be ‘a gentle goodbye to a remarkable woman’.


Jan. 23: News Update

Paintings Exhibition in other countries

According to the "Westfälische Rundschau", Paul's Paintings Catalogue book is currently being translated into Greek and Italian - since Paul's Paintings exhibition is shown again - in Athens, Greece, and in Bologna, Italy, later this year!
    Wolfgang Suttner, organizer of Paul's Exhibition in Siegen, Germany, (and probably co-organizer for other places as well since Siegen's concept will probably be kept), was quoted "at his management, plannings have been finished in all steps, now we're only waiting for the final decision from Paul McCartney himself."
    In Bologna, Italy - one of the eight "culture cities of Europe, 2000" - the exhibition is to take place at Palazzo Rei in Autumn 2000.
    Two months before, the paintings will be shown in Athens.

Cavern Gig on Video

According to Germany's "Bunte" magazine, Paul's Cavern Club Concert is to be released on video this year.

Two of Us - "Making of" on US VH1

"Friday January 21 at 12 midnight ET/PT, VH1 (USA) premiered a new 1/2-hour documentary about the making of their upcoming made-for-TV drama, "Two Of Us." "Two Of Us" is a fictional account of John and Paul's meeting at The Dakota which took place in 1976. That two-hour film premieres Tuesday February 1 on VH1.

The "Behind the Movie" program will also repeat the following times over the next week:

All times ET/PT:

Saturday 1/22 - 1pm Sunday 1/23 - 10am Monday 1/24 - 7:30pm Tuesday 1/25 - 12 noon Wednesday 1/26 - 5:30pm Saturday 1/29 - 11:30am

In addition, Jared Harris, who portrays John in the film, hosts next week's "Top 10 Countdown (of the week)." That program airs at:

Friday 1/28 - 10am - 5pm Sunday 1/30 - 1am - 8am"

Many thanks to Matt Hurwitz of Good Day Sunshine for the news!

Paul's Cavern Club Concert on US Radio

Also from Matt Hurwitz of Good Day Sunshine:

Paul McCartney's performance at The Cavern in Liverpool last month will be
broadcast over this weekend (during the broadcast window of Thursday
January 20 thru Sunday January 23). Below is a list of stations carrying
the program. No dates or times  have been provided, so you'll need to check in with your station to find out when it's airing.

Mobile, AL WZEW
Mobile, AL WAVH
Montgomery, AL WXFX
Flagstaff, AZ KFLX
Concord, CA KEGR
Fort Bragg, CA KOZT
Fresno, CA KJFX
Los Angeles, CA KLOS
Mammoth, CA KMMT
Oakland, CA KOFX
Palms, CA KKJT
Sacramento, CA KSEG
San Diego, CA KGB
San Jose, CA KUFX
Santa Barbara, CA KTYD
Aspen, CO KSPN
Denver, CO KRFX
Trinidad, CO KCRT
Sharon, CT WKZE
Tallahassee, FL WGLF
West Palm Beach, FL WKGR
Albany, GA WJAD
Macon, GA WMKS
Savannah, GA WIXV
Honolulu, HI KPMW
Davenport, IA KCQQ
Des Moines, IA KGGO
Dubuque, IA KGRR
Sioux City, IA KCLH
Boise, ID KFXJ
Idaho Falls, ID KMGI
Chicago, IL WXRT
Champaign, IL WGKC
Peoria, IL WWCT
Quincy, IL KZZK
Springfield, IL WYMG
Evansville, IN WTRI
Ft. Wayne, IN WFWI
Indianapolis, IN WTTS
South Bend, IN WAOR
Emporia, KS KFFX
Ottawa, KS KOFO
Wichita, KS KLLS
Bowling Green, KY WBLG
Prestonburg, KY WQHY
Alexandria, LA KKST
Lafayette, LA KRXZ
Lake Charles, LA KKGB
Boston, MA WZLX
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Jan. 16: News Update

Paul donates $2m for breast cancer research

Paul McCartney has recently donated a "substantial" sum to two U.S. medical centers for research into the disease without animal testing. He's quoted "I have given this oney on behalf of our family in memory of our lovely Linda and so that others may be given the chance to live without animals dying. This donation is given on the understanding that none of the money is used in animal testing."
According to Paul's office the donation was “in excess of $2 million” and would be divided between the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York and the Arizona Cancer Center in Tucson.

Paul McCartney's Routes of Rock on American radio

Paul McCartney's October/November radio series, "Paul McCartney's Routes of Rock," which aired on the BBC World Serice, will finally make an appearance on American radio. The program will be broadcast over two successive weeks on Westwood One Network's "The Beatle Years Series." The show will air during the two weeks of Monday January 17 and Monday January 24 (depending on when the program airs in your area - in Los Angeles, for instance, the first of the two parts will air on Sunday January 23rd, with part two coming the following Sunday January 30).

"Routes of Rock" features Paul playing dee-jay for us - introducing more of his favorite old classics - the kind found on "Run Devil Run" - and talking about their influence on him and The Beatles. He also introduces songs off "Run Devil Run" itself, giving background on each of the songs.

The original series aired as five 1/2-hour shows on the BBC. The syndicated version, as appearing on Westwood One, is taken from two one-hour shows offered for use in other countries, such as in America.

Matt Hurwitz Publisher Good Day Sunshine Magazine

Paul in Cuba?

Found this on VIVA-TV's teletext service today:

119 VIVA TEXT 16.01. 18:25:10

Paul McCartney. Nach seiner
Trauerpause kommt Macca wie-
der so richtig in Schwung -
aktuell ist er mal eben nach
Kuba gejettet. Allerdings
nicht, um sich an karibisch-
en Stränden zu sonnen, son-
dern um vor Ort intensive
Studien über traditionelle
kubanische Musik zu betrei-

This rougly translates
Paul's back into activities - currently he's jetted to Cuba for a change. Not to sun bathe at carribean beaches, but to conduct intensive studies on traditional cuban music on site.

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