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If you didn't know yet, the webmaster of this site is German - enough reason to set up this special section.
Of course everyone know's that the Beatles developed their style in Hamburg - but when was Paul in Germany as a solo artist?
Hopefully this section will develop over time - including a timeline, newspaper articles, photos, audio and video.

Paintings Exhibition

Ticket Paintings
Paul's Paintings Exhibition

Exclusive report from the opening!
Siegen, Germany. May 1 - July 25, 1999

This subject had already turned up in summer 1997 and it was mentioned in the latest news section on this site. However, no definite schedule was available, and with the sad event early last year, things went a little uncertain. But now there is a final schedule and more information which I received from Ralf Gerecht (Kultur!Büro Siegen, organizers of the event):

Paul's Paintings Exhibition

Location: Siegen, Germany
Site: "Kulturhaus L˙z," Siegen
Date: May 1st - July 25th, 1999
Open daily from 10am - 8pm
closed on Mondays!

Other important facts (tentative):

Brochure, catalogue

Official website for the exhibition - fully activated now!


What Paintings? ...

... you're wondering? You might wonder to examine the Standing Stone booklet a little closer, and play your In The World Tonight video tape!
Or just enter and have a look at the galery of a dozen paintings!

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