Flowers In The Dirt (Double CD)

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Release date:
5 June 1989
Paul McCartney, Hamish Stuart, Chris Whitten, Robbie McIntosh, Mitchell Froom, David Rhodes, Steve Lipson, Trevor Horn, Linda McCartney, Elvis Costello, Dave Gilmour, David Foster, Dave Mattacks, Peter Henderson, Nicky Hopkins, Greg Hawks, Chris Hughes, Eddie Klein
Neil Dorfsman, Steve Lipson, Geoff Emerick, Arne Frager, Jon Kelly, Jon Jacobs, Peter Henderson, Tehad Blake, Ross Cullum
Paul McCartney, Mitchel Froom, Neil Dorfsman, Trevor Horn, Steve Lipson, Elvis Costello, David Foster, Chris Hughes, Ross Cullum
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Japan Release March 1990 EMI/Odeon TOCP-6118/TOCP-6119


Total Playing Time 53:44

1 My Brave Face 3:16
2 Rough Ride 4:43
3 You Want Her Too 3:13
4 Distractions 4:38
5 We Got Married 4:55
6 Put It There 2:09
7 Figure of Eight 3:23
8 This One 4:10
9 Don't Be Careless Love 3:17
10 That Day Is Done 4:18
11 How Many People 4:14
12 Motor of Love 6:18
13 Ou Est Le Soleil 4:46


Total Playing Time 34:03

1 Message 0:28
2 The Long And Winding Road (live version from Put It There video) 3:51
3 Loveliest Thing 3:59
4 Rough Ride (live version from Put It There video) 4:53
5 Ou Est Le Soleil (7" Mix) 4:50
6 Mama's Little Girl 3:41
7 Same Time Next Year 3:06
8 Party Party 5:35
9 P.S. Love Me Do (studio version) 3:40

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