European Tour 1972


Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney, Denny Lane, Henry McCullough, Denny Seiwell

Wings 1972
Tour Bus
Tour Bus "Wings Over Europe"


Bip Bop, Smile Away, Mumbo, Give Ireland Back To The Irish, 1882, I Would Only Smile, Blue Moon Of Kentucky, The Mess, Best Friend, Soily, I Am Your Singer, Henry's Blues, Say You Don't Mind, Seaside Woman, Wild Life, My Love, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Maybe I'm Amazed, Hi Hi Hi, Long Tall Sally

From August: several variations!

The Concerts

Date City Venue Country Bootleg (access requires membership!)
09.07.1972 Chateau Vallon Centre Culturelle France -
12.07.1972 Juan Les Pins ? France -
13.07.1972 Arles Theatre Antique France STR023 Arles '72
14.07.1972 Lyon France -
16.07.1972 Paris Olympia France -
18.07.1972 München Zirkus-Krone-Bau Germany -
19.07.1972 Frankfurt Offenbach-Halle Germany Oriental Nightfish (vinyl)
Live in Hannover (vinyl)
Wings Live In Frankfurt 1972
21.07.1972 Zürich Kongreß-Halle Switzerland -
22.07.1972 Montreux Pavillion Switzerland MM9110/11 Wings Over Switzerland
01.08.1972 Kopenhagen K B Hallen Denmark -
04.08.1972 Helsinki Maess Halle Finland -
05.08.1972 Turku Idreats Finland -
07.08.1972 Stockholm Tivoli Gardens (Gröna Lund) Sweden Oriental Nightfish (vinyl)
08.08.1972 Orebö Idretshalle Sweden -
09.08.1972 Oslo Njaardhallen Norway -
10.08.1972 Gøteborg Skandinavien Halle Sweden -
11.08.1972 Lund Olympean Sweden BAR001-2 Wings Over Sweden
Live in Lund, Sweden, 1972
12.08.1972 Odense Fyns Forum Denmark -
14.08.1972 Arhus Vejlby Risskov Hallen Denmark Wings Over Denmark 1972 (vinyl)
16.08.1972 Düsseldorf Rheinhalle Germany -
17.08.1972 Rotterdam Doelen The Netherlands COMPLAINT TO THE QUEEN (vinyl)
Live In Rotterdam 1972
19.08.1972 Groningen Evenementenhal The Netherlands Live In Rotterdam 1972
24 mins of soundcheck are known to exist.
Hi Hi Hi from soundcheck on COMPLAINT TO THE QUEEN (vinyl)
20.08.1972 Amsterdam Concertgebouw The Netherlands COMPLAINT TO THE QUEEN (vinyl) (I am your singer)
Orange 005 Cold Cuts Vol.2 (Henry's Blues)
21.08.1972 The Hague Congresgebouw The Netherlands Live in Den Haag, 21 August 1972
Madman72 "Got Any Toothpicks?" (3 tracks)
Big Mac's Live Tracks (1882)
James Paul McCartney or video Put It There (Wild Life, Hi Hi Hi)
22.08.1972 Antwerpen Cina Roma Belgium BAR001-2 Wings Over Sweden
Madman72 "Got Any Toothpicks?"
GEMA2325 Cottonfields
I Am Your Singer
"Best Friend" is available in several remixes:
Unsurpassed Masters Vol.2 (remix 1)
Cold Cuts Vol.2 (remix 2)
Cold Cuts (Library, remix 3)
Cold Cuts (Pegboy, remix 4)
24.08.1972 Berlin Deutschlandhalle Germany -

Many thanks to Mario Rieth, Dennis Jonsson and others.


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