Put It There

Order Number CMV 1141
Length 65 minutes
Release 19 December 1989
Filmed Feb-Apr 1989
Aired 50-minute special:
10 June 1989 BBC1
11 November 1989 Showtime/U.S.
Copyright MPL Communications Ltd.

Notes from the back:

Paul McCartney's 'Put It There' is a unique insight into the music and personality of Britain's most enduring Superstar.

The following text has been written by Ed Chen (taken from the rec.music.beatles "video" FAQ)

Put It There (1989) -- A program produced specifically for the purpose of promoting "Flowers in the Dirt." This time the production actually achieves it's purpose. The interview pieces are nice, but contain no revelations. The real strength of this production lies in the performance pieces. What we are shown is Macca and band in studio, actually working on the recording of some of the "Flowers" tracks. Additionally, rehearsals of Beatles songs (such as "Fool On the Hill", "Hello, Goodbye", and "Let It Be") for the then-upcoming world tour make this production a "must-own".


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