"Where can I find out about ALL available solo bootleg material?"

The 910's Guide to The Solo Beatles' Outtakes

by Doug Sulpy and Chip Madinger

Picture of the book The latest of the essential books (released in August 1996). This book is the follow-up to the "Beatles Outtakes" book - it covers the Beatles' solo careers, starting from the late 60s. The book has separate sections for each of the Fab Four. There, one can find every bootlegged concert (including setlist), studio outtake, TV or radio appearance or home recording, all arranged chronologically within their chapter.
Each track again gets assigned a unique reference number (based on the recording date), just like in "Beatles Outtakes" or "Drugs, Divorce and a Slipping Image". The structure of the book is the same as with the "Beatles Outtakes". It ends with listing (separately for each Beatle) a "Core Collection" (of the best sounding sources) and a huge song index for convenient access.


This book is out of print, and outdated too!
It's up-to-date successor is 700+ king-size pages. Click here!
The 910's Guide to The Solo Beatles' Outtakes / Doug Sulpy and Chip Madinger
ISBN 0-964-3869-2-5, first edition, approx. 300 pages. Price: US$32.50