Eight Arms To Hold You - The Beatles Solo Compendium

by Chip Madinger and Mark Easter

Over thirty years in the making... over twenty years of research... over two years of writing... and here it is!

Eight Arms To Hold You: The Solo Beatles Compendium is the ultimate look at the careers of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr beyond the Beatles. Every aspect of their professional careers as solo artists is explored, from recording sessions, record releases and tours, to television, film and music videos, including everything in between. From their early film soundtrack work to the officially released retrospectives, all solo efforts by the four men are exhaustively examined.

Not only are John, Paul, George and Ringo's official projects investigated in detail, along with the events surrounding their recording and release, but the best available sources for each are specified. This same approach is used to profile the unissued recordings and performances by all four - both bootlegged and in private circulation. In short, this is the reference guide that Beatles collectors have been waiting for decades!

Over the past twenty years, noted Beatles authors Chip Madinger and Mark Easter have done extensive primary and secondary research to ensure that no fact has gone unchecked, and no myth has gone unprobed. The result is this massive 700 plus page work, the scope of which has never previously been attempted.

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Review by Harald Gernhardt

I really don't have very much to say about this book: Buy it now! Before it's sold out. You would regret it forever! This huge and very thick book is still a bargain at $39.95 - it's exactly what it claims to be. And it doesn't just contain endless listings with little annotations like "Solo Outtakes" did. No, it's full of well-researched explanations, annotations, background and inside information, of course in addition to listing and distinguishing every bit of music ever played, recorded, released or unreleased. Add some very useful indexes. Oh, and although the pages are really large, the printing is fairly small. It will take you some time to read it all! This book is incredible. You absolutely need this book. Rating 10+/10.

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