Paul McCartney: Movin' On

cover (front)
Order Number MPI (VHS+laserdisc)
Length 60 minutes
Release 14 October 1993 (US)
Aired 27-minute special:
18 April 1993 (UK)
10 June 1993 (US)
Full length version:
Mid 1993 (Germany)
Director Aubrey Powell

Notes from the back:

In 1992 Paul McCartney and his band began recording "Off the Ground," and preparing for the New World Tour. Director Aubrey Powell and his cameras were with them every step of the way. The film shows Paul rehearsing, recording at Abbey Road, and performing live.

Songs include "Hope of Deliverance," "C'mon People," "Off the Ground," "Drive My Car," "Get Out Of My Way," "Looking For Changes." Exclusive intimate interviews and behind-the-scenes footage of video shoots and photo sessions complete this inside view of the world of Paul McCartney.

The following text has been written by Ed Chen (taken from the "video" FAQ)

The first of Aubrey Powell's documentaries covering McCartney. This hour-long film covers the recording of "Off the Ground" at Abbey Road, the filming of the videos for "Off the Ground" and "C'Mon People", tour rehearsals, and many other activities of McCartney and band as they were preparing for the "New World Tour". This tape should be available. It was delayed from it's announced August release date for "legal reasons"



Many thanks to Dorothy A. Northcutt for the scan!

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