Give My Regards To Broad Street

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Order Number 1448
Length 108 minutes
Release ?
Premiere 25 October 1984 (US)
28 November 1984 (UK)
Copyright MPL Communications Ltd.
Status: Still available (US)

Notes from the back:

Screenwriter/star PAUL McCARTNEY creates a rousing musical fantasy about a pop singer/composer (McCartney) who discovers the master tapes of his new unreleased album have disappeared. If he doesn't locate them by midnight, businessmen will take over his company.
Among the musical highlights are fourteen spectacularly staged McCartney tunes including Beatles classics "Yesterday", "Eleanor Rigby" and "Good Day Sunshine."

The following text has been written by Ed Chen (taken from the "video" FAQ)

Paul McCartney's 1984 attempt at making a feature film. It was horribly panned by reviewers and the media at the time of release. In my opinion, the result is a bit haphazard, but not nearly as bad as others would have you believe. The supporting cast is excellent, and there are some entertaining gags. However, even if you hate the paper-thin plot, with judicious use of the fast forward button, the result is a series of well produced, high quality music videos -- many including Paul and Ringo onscreen at the same time.


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