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U.S. Release: 20 Feb 1990, Capitol, DPRO-79987

1 Figure Of Eight (7" Version, edit) 3:59 Produced by Chris Hughes, Paul McCartney and Ross Collum. Remixed by Bob Clearmountain
2 We Got Married 4:55 Produced by Paul McCartney and David Foster.
Additional Production by Neil Dorfsman
3 Rough Ride 4:43 Produced by Trevor Horn, Paul McCartney and Steve Lipson
4 Band On The Run 5:15 Produced by Paul McCartney
5 Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey 4:50 Produced by Paul and Linda McCartney
6 Live And Let Die 3:15 Produced by Paul McCartney
7 Party Party* (edit) 3:40 Produced by Paul McCartney. Mixed by Bruce Forest
8 I Wanna Cry 4:40 Produced by Paul McCartney. Engineered by Peter Henderson
9 Junior's Farm 4:20 Produced by Paul McCartney
10 Don't Get Around Much Anymore** 2:51 Produced by Paul McCartney

All tracks composed by McCartney except * Composed by P. McCartney / L. McCartney / McIntosh / Stuart / Whitten / Wickens and ** Composed by Ellington/Russell


This US promo CD seems to be widely available. Many have bought it as it contains "Party Party". But one might add that this is not the "real thing" which is 5:36, but a shorter edit.
(For the sake of completeness: There is also a very rare 12" DJ mix of Party Party which runs 6:21)

Many thanks to H.Yoshikawa, Japan, and to Ferran Vallejo, Spain, for the scans

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