Here's what Brett Pasternack posted to in April 1995:

Perfect timing...there's a big article on the radio show in the current Billboard (April 29 issue), which arrived at my house today.

"Paul Mccartney's Oobu Joobu" will premiere with a two-hour special on Memorial Day weekend, followed by one-hour shows for the following 11 weeks, and then a three-hour wrap-up Labor Day weekend.

The bad news is that this show may not be very easy to get. Unbelievably, Westwood One says in the article that they have not yet *STARTED* to sign up radio stations! Given how little time is left, that's going to be a problem. The article rather vaugely says that WW1 hopes to get "more than 20 stations in all radio formats"; does that mean 20 stations per format or 20 stations total? If the latter, most of us won't get to hear it. Furthermore, anyone outside the US is apparantly completely SOL, as there are no plans at all for overseas distribution.

If you're wondering, the name "Oobu Joobu" is a reference to a BBC production of Alfred Jarry's play "Ubu Cocu" which Paul heard on the radio 30 years ago. The executive producer for the show is one Eddy Pumer, a musician and record producer who McCartney hired for this project in--get this--1981!

Among the promised contents:

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