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Oobu Joobu - Ecology cover scan
Photo by Linda McCartney
The CD
back cover


Issued by Best Buy chain
EAN 4 00031 27850 6
Country of Origin USA
Release Date 17 May 1997 (25 copies per store)
27 May 1997 (75 copies per store)
(3000 copies in total)
Total Time 41:55



1 Oobu Joobu Main Theme McCartney
Looking For Changes McCartney
Peace In The Neighbourhood McCartney
Wild Life McCartney
Mother Nature's Son Lennon/McCartney
Off the Ground McCartney
Cow Linda McCartney & Carla Lane
How Many People McCartney
We All Stand Together McCartney

produced by Paul McCartney and Eddy Pumer
Courtesy of MPL Communications, Inc.

CD Notes



"It's like being a fly on the wall in the private life of Paul McCartney. People never hear the makings of final product, only the final product. On "Oobu Joobu," you hear it as he was making it."

--Eddy Pumer, London-based musician-producer

The summer of 1995 saw the debut of Paul McCartney's critically acclaimed
radio series, Oobu Joobu, which featured:

And many, many more rarities...

The fascinating glimpse into the ex-Beatle's musical world, the radio series, whose name was inspired by a BBC production of Alfred Jarry's Ubu Cocu that McCartney heard some 30 years ago on the radio - was a 20-year labor of love, with material gathered from over 250 hours of rare recordings from Paul's personal archives. The enclosed program is one of Paul's favorite shows from the series highlighting his favorite cause - The Environment.

The series, directed by Paul McCartney and produced by London-based musician-producer Eddy Pumer, gave the listeners a relaxing hour of summer radio each week from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and offered a little something for everyone: comedy, rarities, cooking tips, concerts, interviews, and special guest appearances, all combined with a career that spans more than 30 years, making Oobu Joobu the radio event of 1995, and beyond.

"It's time that we became the young child.
To build a better kind of future.What do you think?"

-Paul McCartney


This CD is a specially edited version - cutting out recordings of other artists - of the 19 June 1995 5th episode of Oobu Joobu (which was available in unedited form on the Yellow Cat bootleg Oobu Joobu Part 6). The worst thing about this freebie is that this CD has only one track. Most tracks on this CD are not the commercially available versions but soundchecks, tour rehearsals or demos and other rare recordings.  Definitely worth it, and a must-have for every serious and occasional fan! Sealed copies usually sell for $40+.

Many thanks to Dorothy A. Northcutt for the cover scan and the CD notes.
Many thanks to Ted Siegel (ted4@worldnet.att.net) for sending me a sealed copy of this CD!

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