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2007-Apr-11Sir Paul's "Memory Almost Full"
Sir Paul's new studio album will be called Memory Almost Full. It will be released on June 5th initially through Starbucks in the United States and then generally through Concord Music and distributed through Universal. The album pro... (more)
2007-Apr-04The Concert for Diana
Britain's Princes William and Harry have invited Sir Paul perform at a concert this summer to commemorate the 10th anniversary of their mother's death. Today's Daily Mirror newspaper quotes a source as saying: "The princes know... (more)
2007-Apr-03Sir Paul Nominated for a Classical Brit Award
Sir Paul's Ecce Cor Meum oratorio has been nominated for a Classical Brit Award. Other nominees for the best album award include Welsh mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins Welsh tenor Bryn Terfel Scottish violinist Nicola Benedetti Mexic... (more)
2007-Apr-01Break-in at the McCartney Estate
A deranged middle-aged Beatles fan has been arrested after breaking into Sir Paul's Sussex estate yelling: "I must get to him!" Around 1:30 Friday afternoon the man drove past the estate's security patrol through the gates... (more)
2007-Mar-30Sir Paul and the Live Earth Concerts
Reports say that Sir Paul has signed on to perform this summer at one of former U.S. Vice President Al Gore's Live Earth concerts. The 24-hour concert will be staged across all seven continents (including Antarctica) to raise awareness... (more)
2007-Mar-27Rusty Anderson's McCartney News
According to Rusty Anderson's blog Sir Paul may be planning a fall tour to promote his new Starbuck's album. Rusty Anderson Sir Paul's lead guitarist Rusty Anderson states on his latest blog entry: "On the Paul McCartney scene... (more)
2007-Mar-24Sir Paul's to Receive an Animal Advocacy Award
This evening Sir Paul will be honored by the Humane Society of the United States for his lifetime achievement in supporting animal advocacy. Sir Paul will receive the first Gretchen Wyler Award named in honor of the founder of the an... (more)
2007-Mar-23Sir Paul and Sabrina Guinness
The British press is filled with reports that Sir Paul has been seeing wealthy socialite Sabrina Guinness. Sir Paul has told the press that they are just good friends that share similar interests: "I realize everyone wants to s... (more)
2007-Mar-21The Official Starbuck's Announcement
It is official. Sir Paul's next album will be released by Starbuck's new music label Hear Music. The announcement was made today during the coffee company's annual meeting in Seattle Washington. Sir Paul appeared via satellite from Lo... (more)
2007-Mar-20Flowers for Heather
During a talk show interview on Larry King Live Heather Mills claimed that she still loves Sir Paul and that he had sent her flowers to mark her debut on the Dancing with the Stars program: “I still love him I still love Paul.... (more)
2007-Mar-18Sir Paul Attends Elton John's Birthday Party
Over the weekend Sir Paul attended Elton John's 60th birthday party that was held in London’s trendy Shoreditch Town Hall. Sir Paul and other celebrity guests (including Hugh Grant Kate Moss the Osbourne clan) reportedly danced... (more)
2007-Mar-12Good-by Capitol Records
It is being reported that Sir Paul is leaving Capitol Records and taking his back catalog of solo recordings with him. Except for a brief haitus in the early '80s Capitol has been his record label for the past 43 years going back to 1... (more)
2007-Mar-11Hello Starbucks
The New York Post is reporting that Starbucks is planning to launch their own record label and that Sir Paul McCartney's new album will be its first release. In recent years Starbucks has been more successful than traditional record s... (more)
2007-Feb-18The Cinema Audio Society Award
Last evening Sir Paul's concert film "The Space Within Us" won cinema Audio Society award in the television nonfiction category. The society's 43rd annual award ceremonies were held at Los Angeles’ Millennium Biltmore Hotel... (more)
2007-Feb-01Some Advice for a Hermit
In a recent interview former Herman's Hermits' Peter Noone recalled some advice he received for Sir Paul back in the early 1960s when he asked the Beatle how he managed to go out in public: "Paul McCartney would go shopping on Oxfo... (more)
2007-Jan-26Burns Night
Sir Paul McCartney stepped out arm in arm with his glamorous daughter Mary last evening for a Burns Night charity dinner at the St. Martin's Lane Hotel in London's Covent Garden hosted by Ewan McGregor and Sharleen Spiteri. Guests dine... (more)
2007-Jan-17Finding Solace In His Music
The Daily Express reports that a McCartney source says that Sir Paul's next studio album will reflect his feelings about his bitter divorce battle with Heather Mills: "Paul never stops writing songs and they often reflect what's g... (more)
2007-Jan-12Jamaican Holiday
During a recent Jamaican holiday with family and friends Sir Paul told his colleagues: “I’m through with women. It’s been horrible. I’m just glad to be able to get away with Beatrice. She is the most important pe... (more)
2007-Jan-03"Now and Then"
A McCartney source has told the Daily Express that Sir Paul plans to finish an unreleased Beatles' track called "Now and Then". Ten years ago the three surviving Beatles planned to work on as part of the Beatles Anthology pr... (more)
2006-Dec-28The Beatles Postage Stamp
photosOn January 9 the Royal Mail will issue a set of six postage stamps honoring the Beatles. Up until last year the only living people who could be featured on British stamps were the members of the Royal Family. According to the Royal... (more)


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