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Wings Over America
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2007-Jul-05: The iTunes "Party" in London

This evening, Sir Paul performed a moving show filled with Beatles and Wings classics before a small audience of 300 people at the ICA in London as part of the iTunes Festival. Dressed casually in a black and white sweater, Sir Paul ran onstage, shouted "Good evening. All right?" and launched into his 1980 hit Coming Up. Throughout the evening, Sir Paul constantly referred to the show as a "party", engaging the crowd with plenty of banter - including a film review:

"It is like a party you can get a conversation going. I watched that film Munich by Steven Spielberg last night. It was pretty good."

Sir also talked about becoming emotional during his recent LA show at Amoeba Records when he saw tears in the eyes of an audience member when he sang Here Today, his tribute to John Lennon:

"We just did a gig in a record shop in LA and I was singing that song and I was just about holding it together emotionally and then I saw this woman weeping and I just lost it man."

New the end of the show, Sir Paul dedicated Let It Be to his friend and long term monitor engineer:

"This next song I want to dedicate to a crew member John Roden, who just passed away last week. This is for you Johnny."

Here is the London set list:

'Coming Up'
'Drive My Car'
'Only Mama Knows'
'Dance Tonight'
'C Moon'
'The Long And Winding Road'
'I'll Follow The Sun'
'Midnight Special'
'Calico Skies'
'That Was Me'
'Here Today'
'Back In The USSR'
'Nod Your Head'
'House Of Wax'
'I've Got A Feeling'
'Let Me Roll It'
'Get Back'
'Baby Face'
'Hey Jude'
'Let It Be'
'Lady Madonna'
'I Saw Her Standing There'

The iTunes festival performances are being recorded and will be released as a live album via iTunes in the future. For more information go to

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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