Investiture Ceremony

The investiture ceremony took place in London, Buckingham Palace, on Tuesday 11 March 1997. Paul was receiving his knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II.

The announcement was already made back in December 1996. Please see this page for details.

Paul giving "thumbs-up" signs to the hordes of fans

  Thumbs Up! (Photo from The Sun, 12 March 1997)

Sir Paul Quotes

Of course, many TV stations and newspapers reported about Paul having received his knighthood.

More than 1000 screaming teenagers (who weren't even born the the Beatles were fab) were waiting in front of Buckingham Palace when Paul was knighted. Some had been there as early as 6am. When Paul finally left Buckingham Palace after 2 1/2 hours, he smiled to the fans and gave them a "thumbs-up" sign.

The crowd sang "A Hard Day's Night" and "Hey Jude" when Paul passed through the gates. They even honored him by changing "Yesterday" to "Yes Sir Day."

THE MAC PACK The Sun Hordes of screaming
teenagers going wild
After the ceremony, Sir Paul said:

"This is the best day of my life.
To come from a terraced house in Liverpool to this house is quite a journey and I am immensely proud."

"I would never have dreamed of this day. If we had had that thought when we started off in Liverpool it would have been laughed at as a complete joke."

  Photo by The Sun TV stills captured by H. Gernhardt

McCART-VEE - Paul flashes a peace sign. The Sun. "Today is fantastic, there is a blue sky and it's springtime. My mum and dad would have been extremely proud today - and perhaps they are."

"George Harrison and Ringo Starr keep ringing me up, calling me 'Your Holiness.' "

"Linda is fine. I would have loved the whole family to have been here but we only had three guest tickets so we had to draw straws. Linda and Heather decided to stay out of the limelight today."

TV stills captured by H. Gernhardt McCART-VEE - Paul flashes a peace sign.
The Sun.
"I'm still heavily involved in music and I have a new album, called Flaming Pie, coming out in May. It's mainly a solo album but Ringo plays on it. And I'm also writing a full-length orchestral piece for the London Symphony Orchestra.
It is due to be performed at the Albert Hall on October 14."
Later back home: "I'm afraid Linda is not coming out for a picture. But I had a wonderful day.

The Queen was very nice. I can't believe what a day I've had and it's wonderful being a sir."

Reporters of The Sun at Paul's home, later.  

Sir Paul, and Geoff Baker, his publicist TV stills captured by H. Gernhardt

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