Brand New Boots And Panties

Order Number: Newboots 2CD
Release Date 9 April 2001


No Song Artist
1 Wake Up & Make Love With Me Sinead O'Connor & The Blockheads
2 Sweet Gene Vincent Robbie Williams & The Blockheads
3 I'm Partial To Your Abracadabra Paul McCartney & The Blockheads
4 My Old Man Madness
5 Billericay Dickie Billy Bragg & The Blokes
6 Clevor Trever Wreckless Eric & The Blockheads
7 If I Was With A Woman Cerys Matthews (Catatonia) & The Blockheads
8 Blockheads Grant Nicholas (Feeder) &The Blockheads
9 Plaistow Patricia Shane McGowan & The Blockheads
10 Blackmail Man Keith Allen & The Blockheads

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