Give My Regards To Broad Street - Audio Press Kit

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Release Date: 1984
Issued by: 20th Century Fox Film Corporation

Contents of the 5 inch reel to reel tape:

1. Twentieth Century Fox Logo Music :13
2. Selected Soundbites
A. McCartney talks about wanting to do a film :11
B. McCartney talks about bringing joy to his
        listeners through his music and listening
        to Elvis
C. McCartney talks about his subway story 1:01
D. McCartney talks about American/English fan
        reactions to him
E. McCartney talks about being bad in music
         at school
F. McCartney talks about being a teacher :39
3. Musical Montage
A. "Not Such a Bad Boy" :43
B. "Eleanor Rigby" :58
C. "Wanderlust" 1:37
D. "No More Lonely Nights" 1:58




Many thanks to The Crippled Lion for the scan and information!


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