The McCartney Interview

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OC 034-64292, stereo.
1980, EMI Records Ltd, label - Parlophone.
The McCartney Interview (complete).
Originally recorded for Musician: Player & Listner Magazine.
Total playing time: about 1 hour.

The interviewer: Vic Garbarini, "Musician: Player & Listener"
Photograph by Linda McCartney

Paul discusses:

Side One:
1 McCartney II
2 Negative criticism of Beatles & Wings
3 His influences
4 Venus & Mars/Wild Life
5 Band On The Run
6 Music Direction/Ringo/George/Hey Jude
7 The White Album/Tension/Helter Skelter
8 Abbey Road
9 Musical Background/Trumpet, guitar, piano/learning bass in Hamburg
10 Early Beatles mixes/Motown & Stax influences
11 The Sgt. Pepper Story/The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds
12 Rubber Soul/Revolver
13 Fame & Success/Paul's & John's reactions
14 Stage fright during the Beatles and Wings
15 How Wings started
16 New Wave/Early Beatles
17 Creating the Beatles' sound/Love Me Do & early songs
Side Two:
1 The Beatles conquest of America
2 Beatles' haircuts & image
3 Paying dues in Hamburg & Liverpool/early tours
4 Weathering pressures/The break-up
5 Video of Coming Up/Reliving the Beatle image
6 Playing bass
7 Lennon-McCartney songwriting/Dislike of formulas
8 Beatles' imitators
9 I Am The Walrus/The Black Carnation/Sgt. Pepper LP Cover
10 New Wave/Bowie, Ferry, Elvis
11 Pop Music & Radio
12 Getting Married/Changing Perspective/Waterfalls
13 Give Ireland Back To The Irish, Hi-Hi-Hi/Banned songs/Mary Had A Little Lamb

Note: EMI engineers added a bonus "clue" to this album. It's a little note from Paul that appears at the end of side two, in the outgroove, just before the needle lifts. If you play the outgroove backwards, Paul says: "I'm still a Walrus." (Thanks to Ron Synovitz for this info!)

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