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Release date:
2 November 1987
Mixed by:
Paul McCartney, George Martin
GB chart ratings:
US chart ratings:

U.K. Release 02 November 1987, Parlophone CD-PMTV 1
U.S. Release 05 December 1987, Capitol CDP 7 48287 2
Japan Release 1987, Odeon, three releases (see below)

Version 1: UK Edition

Total Playing Time 73:00

1 Jet 4:06
2 Band On The Run 5:10
3 Coming Up (studio version) 3:50
4 Ebony And Ivory 3:44
5 Listen To What The Man Said 3:54
6 No More Lonely Nights 4:39
7 Silly Love Songs 5:52
8 Let 'Em In 5:08
9 C Moon 4:33
10 Pipes Of Peace 3:24
11 Live And Let Die 3:10
12 Another Day 3:41
13 Once Upon A Long Ago 4:06
14 Say Say Say 3:54
15 My Love 4:08
16 We All Stand Together 4:23
17 Mull Of Kintyre 4:43

Version 2: US Edition

1 Band On The Run 5:11
2 Jet 4:08
3 Ebony And Ivory 3:41
4 Listen To What The Man Said 3:54
5 No More Lonely Nights 4:38
6 Silly Love Songs 5:54
7 Let 'Em In 5:09
8 Say Say Say 3.54
9 Live And Let Die 3:11
10 Another Day 3:41
11 C Moon 4:32
12 Junior's Farm 4:21
13 Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey 4:40
14 Coming Up (live) 3:30
15 Goodnight Tonight 4:18
16 With A Little Luck 3:12
17 My Love 4:08
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The U.K. edition includes Once Upon A Long Ago, Mull Of Kintyre, We All Stand Together, Coming Up (studio version), Pipes Of Peace and Maybe I'm Amazed, all missing on the U.S. edition.
The U.S. edition includes Junior's Farm, Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey and Coming Up (live version), all missing on the U.K. edition.
The European double LP further adds Maybe I'm Amazed, Goodnight Tonight and With A Little Luck, making the LP format the format of choice in this case. The double LP comes in excellent packaging also.

Japanese Releases

The Japanese CDs are identical to the European edition. However, they come in three different packagings:

TOCP-6117 (Gold Disc Edition) CP36-5545 (Regular First Edition) TOCP-50121 (Regular Current Edition)
Japanese Gold Disc Edition Japanese First Edition

Many thanks to Hidemi Yoshikawa, Japan, for the scans and information on the Japanese releases.

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