The Beatles in Newsweek

The October 23, 1995 edition of Newsweek contains a variety of articles about and photos of the Beatles. Get this issue while the stocks last!

The title page has a photo of the Beatles (eyes wide opened, approx. 1962) and is titled "Meet The Beatles (Again)". The Subtitle is "The Fab 3 Talk About the Reunion That Took 25 Years".

The first article is titled "Come Together". It's 8 pages with lots of photos and even "Paul, Ringo and George, 1995" shot by Linda McCartney is there. This article is about the Anthology itself, reveals a few secrets (they interviewed the Fab three themselves), mentiones some of the tracks on the CDs (they've got the complete tracklist of all 3 double CDs) and also has a graphical overview of their careers both as a group and solo, spanning the years 1957-1995.

The next one is called "The Curse of Glory" (1 page) and is about Liverpool and it's development since the Beatles became famous.

"Buried Pleasures" (1 page) is written by Mark Hertsgaard (remember: He recently issued a book about the Beatles' Sessions). He again writes about unreleased tracks but now with the knowledge that it will be 125 Tracks altogether on 3 double CD sets, the first out on Nov. 20. What I do not like about this article is the way Hertsgaard wrote it: Totally ignoring that it was Lewisohn that really heard all 400h of unreleased material, not him. But Hertsgaard seems to be so conceited, selfish and pretentious when writing about things all die-hard Beatles fans already know that I now am happy that I didn't buy his recent book "A Day In The Life", because I don't want to read this style of "entertainment" - I'd rather stay with the books written by Lewinsohn that tell the real truth.

"The Music Man, the Family Man" is a 2-page McCartney interview about the Anthology, John and Children, Pauls attitude towards Michael Jackson, and finally the Hall Of Fame. It's really worth reading, just as the long article mentioned above.

Finally, "Roll Over Bach, Too" is on the Beatles' breakthru in the '60s, charisma, influences and achievements. (1 page)

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