Publicity firm denies reports on Anthology 2 delay

(Knight-Ridder) March 5 - Anthology 2 was originally scheduled for a February release but was delayed, according to unconfirmed reports, after the track order reportedly was revised by Paul McCartney.

According to a widely reported story on the Internet and in Beatles fan magazines, McCartney ordered a change after adverts with the original release date had appeared and the set had begun production.

The change - moving an outtake of "I'm Down" from track 6 to track 3 on disc 1 - supposedly caused the scrapping of a reported 2.5 million booklets and other materials, according to Beatlefan/EXTRA!, which said McCartney is paying the $2 million cost himself.

A representative at the group's publicity firm of Rogers & Cowan denied the reports. The representative said the change was made, in fact, by the Beatles and not just McCartney, and that Anthology 2 was delayed because of a huge advance order.

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