Tips and Tricks

A shortcut for faster login

Tired of entering your username/password again and again and again?
Why not bookmark an URL in this manner:

depending on which server you want to use. Do not forget to replace username and password with your personal one!

Of course recent browsers (Internet Explorer...) can also automatically cache your username/password, so you may well forget everything above!

Bootleg Indexes loading painfully slow

Well, some of them are as large as 300KB, and this takes time to load of course. But, the main reason why it often takes so long to display is ... your browser!

Some versions of Netscape can be painfully slow in displaying the index tables. It can take dozens of seconds after loading has finished for the page to finally display. Internet Explorer is usually faster. However, I can only recommend using Opera This browser is the fastest I know of. It's extremely small and does not take up so many resources as the other browsers. You can stack multiple windows as full-size child windows in your browser window and quickly turn from one to another using CTRL-TAB. Also, the page background and graphic images can turned off by a mouse-click each. And, you can quickly change the font size using "+" and "-" on the number block.