Backwards Beatles

The exclusive audiobiography of the Beatles' recording career, from the beginning, through their "Anthology" series in 1995.

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Label Dinosaur Music™
Part No. DINO-65602
Country of origin USA
Release date 1998
Total time 35:42
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CD Notes

Shortly after the Revolver sessions began in 1966, The Beatles were experimenting with tape loops in recording their vocals and instruments backwards, thanks to producer George Martin. For the first time on Compact Disc, we'll examine the highlight of those songs, in detail, played both forwards and backwards---some in their entirety! Songs like Rain, I'm Only Sleeping, Tomorrow Never Knows, Sgt. Pepper Inner Groove, Blue Jay Way, and of course Revolution #9. You'll hear the "Threetles" give us another clue on Free As A Bird, and Paul's backwards recipe on Maybe I'm Amazed, via "The Simpson's" television show.

Tr Title Time
1 Introduction by Steve Brown 0:18
2 "Business Before Pleasure" the story of the "Rubber Soul" sessions 0:45
3 MBE Press Conference, 1965 0:34
4 The Beatles introduce the "promo clip" and the birth of the music video! 0:37
5 "Rubber Soul" becomes art of its own 0:34
6 Paul McCartney talkes about "Pet Sounds" 1:00
7 George Martin on tape loops and backwards sounds, 1966 1:02
8 John Lennon discusses his influences on the song, "Rain" 122
9 George Martin on the making of "Rain" 1:10
10 John hears the playback of "Rain", with a new backwards trick 0:44
11 "Niar," in its entirety! 0:30
12 George Harrison emerges on "Revolver" 0:17
13 The Beatles write and play it backwards, on "I'm Only Sleeping" 3:15
14 George Martin on "Tomorrow Never Knows" 0:44
15 Ringo discusses their new "Playing Desk" - the Console 0:28
16 Paul experiments with tape loops at his Home Studio 0:32
17 "Mark 1" examined backwards 1:10
18 The Beatles play a joke, with "Sgt. Pepper Inner Groove" 0:26
19 "Sgt. Pepper Inner Groove" backwards? Only Lois Lane could tell for sure...? 0:21
20 "Feel The Fog" on "Blue Jay Way" 1:39
21 "Blue Jay Way" gets total "backwards treatment" 1:03
22 Paul McCartney induction John into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame 0:45
23 The story of "Free As A Bird" 3:57
24 "Turned Out Nice Again?" Indeed! 0:16
25 Paul "Amazes" us on "The Simpson's" 1:05
26 "A Really Ripping Recipe?" "And By The Way...He's Alive!" 0:17
27 "Six-Pound-No-It-U-Lover," in it's entirety! 1:07
28   0:49
29   8:39


First issue had black/white cover only.

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