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The Exclusive Audio Biography of the Paul-Is-Dead Myth of 1969, and Beyond... Featuring, for the first time, the lost 1969 television special "Paul McCartney: Told For The First And Last Time"

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Label Dinosaur Music™
Part No. DINO-65601
Country of origin USA
Release date 1998
Total time 50:22
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Tr Title Time
1 Introduction by Steve Brown 0:16
2 Paul McCartney discusses the "Paul-Is-Dead" rumor at a 1989 Chicago Press Conference 2:25
3 John's "Jesus" comment burns and bans records in the South, 1966 1:50
4 John Lennon, at the start of their last concert tour, explains at a Press Conference in Chicago, 1966 0:58
5 David Crosby boasts of Paul's "LSD" statement given to Life Magazine, at the Monterey Pop Festival, during The Summer Of Love, 1967. Paul McCartney's "LSD" interview, 1967 1:55
6 "Paul McCartney: The Complete Story Told For The First and Last Time" Television Special. Originally airing Thanksgiving Weekend, 1969, as host F. Bailey starts the proceedings by cross-examining American Disc Jockey, Russ Gibb, from Radio Station WKNR-FM, in Detroit, Michigan 2:34
7 "Paul-Is-Dead" TV Special continues with F. Lee Bailey, and withness, Russ Gibb, examining hidden clues from "Revolution #9" ("... Turn Me On Deadman"?). 2:14
8 "I Buried Paul" clue is examined closer 2:17
9 TV Special looks at "White Album" mumble ("... Paul is a Deadman, Miss Him"?) 6:25
10 "Paul Is Live" album from 19993, with computer-generated look-alike cover, and clues. 4:10
11 George Martin discusses Sgt. Pepper album cover, and it's designer, Peter Blake 0:44
12 Peter Blake about clues on cover 1:35
13 Peter Blake more on 'Pepper' clues 0:45
14 F. Lee Bailey, and college student Fred LaBour examine further clues 1:01
15 Apple Employee defending coincidences 2:19
16 Beatle-insider, Peter Asher 3:30
17 Was the hoax a harmless prank? ... or done for money? ... with Peter Asher. Allen Klein also takes the stand. 6:00
18 Paul McCartney impersonators from Apple 3:32
19 Life Magazine story with further Klein testimony 4:17
20 "Paul McCartney: The Complete Story Told For The First and Last Time" ends with F. Lee Bailey's closing statement 1:28


12pg booklet contains 71 "Paul Is Dead" clues ...
First issue had black/white cover only.

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