The Beatles - A Look Back (At The Big Beat)

A Video, CD, CD-ROM & Booklet

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Release Date 1995 
Platform Windows PC, Hybrid IBM and Apple compatible (CD-ROM) 
Size 62.2 mb 
Manufacturer M.I.L. Multimedia ISBN: 0-9648900-0-3
Pricing £GB 14.95

Contents The CD-ROM follows the Beatles from their U.S. arrival on February, 1964 through that historic first tour. The text is highlighted by over 50 candid shots of the group. There is no music on the CD-ROM only the series of black and white stills. 
The VIDEO contains extremely rare footage of their first tour of Australia. Private moments. a replacement for Ringo during his illness and follows the band on tour in 1964 to America, Austria, France and Holland. 
The CD contains rare interviews of the Beatles. 
A BONUS BOOKLET is included free for those without a CD-ROM player. It contains all the photos and text of the CD-ROM.

Comments Unfortunately, the CD-ROM is very basic, only containing the 50 odd images. The video is recorded in NTSC VHS - therefore not viewable on PAL or SECAM VCRs. The CD's audio is poor. Completists only.

Many thanks to Danny Thomas for submitting this entire page with scans and annotations, and to Rick Garvin for the scan of the back!

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