The Definitive Information Source For Beatles Recordings

(This review was submitted by "Watching Wheels")

īThe CD

Notes from the back of the CD

Presented for the first time, an interactive multi-media database
containing everything you want to know about the


...Over 5,000 records & compact discs
...Over 2,000 pictures
...Gold Discs
...Colored \/inyl
...Shaped Discs
...CDs, LPs, 45s, EPs...
...John, Paul, George & Ringo Solo Recordings
...Song lyrics & Guitar Tabs
...Completely Cross Referenced
...Random Search Routine For Fast Access

Minimum System: IBM 486/33, Dos 5.0, Windows 3.0,
mouse, SVGA monitor (1024 x 768 mode)


Release Date most recent file is from 25/06/96
Platform Windows 3.0x, Windows 95 (Rem : despite what’s announced a 800 x 600 display works alright..)
Size 136 Mbytes
Manufacturer International Music Discographies, Inc., 2015 Alameda Dr., Spring Hill, FL 34609, USA

Contents A Foxpro database available through a program entitled "FAB4". Despite what the jacket claim (see above) there are actually: 4181 records & compact disc that contain 3056 different song titles spread over 33398 record tracks…and only 961 pictures from which a lot are repeated many times… 261 song lyrics and Guitar Tabs for 49 songs

Review by "Watching Wheels" "There is a lot of information lying there but the interface is really poor… Personally I imported the whole database in MS-Access to make it usable…But as long as it is the only product of that kind until now… catch it if you can, I’m sure the next releases will be a lot improved… I’d only wished they were more honest with the real contents (see differences between what’s announced and what’s really there… "