A Hard Day's Night

cardboard case
Current cardboard packaging
original packaging
Original packaging.
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Release Date 1993
Platform Windows PC, Macintosh (not on the same CD-ROM!)
Size 624,586 KBytes
Manufacturer The Voyager Company
Catalogue number ISBN: 1-55940-491-4; CAT: QT15

Contents All 90 minutes of the original movie, complete and uncut. The original script, including deleted scenes and improvised dialogue. Essay by critic Bruce Eder on the Beatles, the music, and the movie. The theatrical trailer. The 1982 movie re-release trailer. Clips from Richard Lester's early work (including the "Running, Jumping and Standing Still" film). Profiles of the band, cast and crew.

Comments This product gained lots of enthusiastic reviews by critics, and indeed it is a must-have for the serious Beatles fan. It's not meant to replace your video tape, btw. There is very extensive background information on the movie and the persons involved in the making of it. The highlight for me is the complete script that automatically scrolls while the movie is playing. It's fun to read about scenes that have been omitted, or additional improvised dialogue. Greatly helps to understand cartain dialogues. Being from 1993 when single-speed CD-ROM drives were standard, this product is a little dated now. Relatively small video window. Picture and sound tend to get out of sync sometimes.