Anthology 2 Multimedia CD-ROM Press Kit

Anthology 2 Multimedia CD-ROM
CD-ROM cover
Release Date Spring 1996
Platform Windows PC, Macintosh (hybrid CD-ROM)
Size 325,079 KBytes
Manufacturer Apple
Pricing not for sale. Promotional use only

Contents Promo CD-ROM, issued by Apple to promote the single "Real Love" and "Anthology 2". Contains the complete Anthology 2 EPK video (=Electronic Press Kit), annotated track listings for Anthology 2 including sound samples of each song. Info on Real Love including sound sample and excerpt of the video clip. 37 Photos of the Beatles (1960s and 1990s) in large resolution for publishing purposes.

Comments Unfortunately, this CD-ROM was only given to the press. Only very limited quantities are available via collectors shops. Expect to pay several hundred dollars. This CD-ROM expires after June 30, 1996, but simply set back the date of the PC's clock and you're done (BUT you must not do this. Apple included very strict license terms). I love this CD-ROM. It really is one of the best "multimedia CD-ROMs" I've ever seen. Highly recommended.

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