Once Upon A Video

cover (front)
Order Number CMV 1076
Length 18 minutes
Release 7 December 1987
Copyright MPL Communications Ltd.
Status Out Of Print


Once Upon A Long Ago


Pretty Little Head

We All Stand Together

Also contains trailers for the album All the Best! and the video Rupert.

The following text has been written by Ed Chen (taken from the rec.music.beatles "video" FAQ)

Once Upon a Video (1988) -- A Japanese tape which contains 4 McCartney videos: "Once Upon a Long Ago", "Stranglehold", "Pretty Little Head", and "We All Stand Together". Expensive for what you get, but neither the song, nor the video for "Once Upon a Long Ago" was ever released in the US.

My Comments:

Was released worldwide, except Northern America. Where available, it was nicely priced.


cover (back)

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