The World Tonight

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" The lyrics were just gathering thoughts. Like 'I go back so far, I'm in front of me' - I don't know where that came from, but if I'd been writing with John he would have gone 'OK, leave that one in; we don't know what it means but we do know what it means'. "


The World Tonight - inlay card (front) The World Tonight - CD
The World Tonight - inlay card (back) The World Tonight - sticker The World Tonight - back insert

USA, Release 06 May 1997, Capitol C2 7246 8 58650 2 2

1 The World Tonight 4:03
2 Looking For You 4:48
3 Oobu Joobu - Part 1
1. Some Folks Say Oobu
2. Oobu Joobu Main Theme
3. Fun Packed Radio Show
4. I Love This House
5. Clock Work
6. Paul McCartney Talks About Young Boy
7. Oobu Joobu We Love You
8. Oobu Joobu Main Theme


1 Writer Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney lead vocal, harmony vocal, drums, bass guitar, and electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, percussion
Jeff Lynne harmony vocal, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboard

Producer Jeff Lynne/Paul McCartney
Engineers Geoff Emerick/Jon Jabocs, assisted by Keith Smith
Studio location Sussex, England
Recording began 13 November 1995

2 Writer Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney lead vocal, backing vocals, Hofner bass, Hammond organ
Ringo Starr drums, congas
Jeff Lynne electric guitars, backing vocals

Producers Paul McCartney/Jeff Lynne
Engineers Geoff Emerick/Jan Jacobs
Studio location Hog Hill
Recording began 14 May 1996

3 Writer Paul McCartney, Pumer/Smith 3,5

Producers Paul McCartney, David Foster 4, Eddy Pumer

Sonic solutions Peter Mew

Many thanks to Joan Hopkins for her invaluable help!

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