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2002-May-31Heather Issues A Party Deadline
The British press is reporting that Heather Mills has been busy fixing up her seafront home in Hove East Sussex in preparation for a weekend pre-wedding party for some 30 of her friends.  The articles report that the crew of builders and deco... (more)
2002-May-30Will Sir Paul Play the Dome?
It seems Sir Paul didn't buy the Millennium Dome after all (see January 21 2001) but the new owners still plan to convert the structure into a giant arena which will lure world-class entertainers such as Sir Paul to "play the Dome".   S... (more)
2002-May-30Sir Paul's AOL Interview
An exclusive   never-before-seen interview with Sir Paul is being featured as part of America Online's big summer "Feel the Beat" music promotion.  AOL promises that via Key Word: Sessions@AOL or this RealPlayer link you will be able to w... (more)
2002-May-29View the Buckingham Palace Concert on VH1
You will be able to view Sir Paul's performance at  "The Queen's Jubilee: Party at the Palace" starting on Sunday June 9 at 9:00 p.m. (ET/PT).  The program will be televised worldwide on VH1.  ... (more)
2002-May-29Sir Paul's CityKids Banner
photosThe June 1 2002 issue of Billboard writes that before his Madison Square Garden performance last month Sir Paul met with 17 members of the CityKids Foundation of New York.  Back in 1986 some members of this organization created an enormous b... (more)
2002-May-29Driving USA - Part II
Billboard magazine has declared Sir Paul's Driving USA tour of North America "an unqualified critical and commercial success".   According to one of the concert producers "This tour was inspiring - a pure joy every night."  It is es... (more)
2002-May-29On "Tonight" Again
Did you miss Sir Paul's appearance with Jay Leno on NBC's Tonight show? (see April 30)   You will have the opportunity to view it again tomorrow evening Thursday May 30.... (more)
photosThe June 1 2002 issue of Billboard writes that before his Madison Square Garden performance last month Sir Paul met with 17 members of the CityKids Foundation of New York.  Back in 1986 some members of this organization created an enormous b... (more)
2002-May-29Singing With The Queen
Today's London Daily Telegraph reports that Queen Elizabeth will join Sir Paul on-stage at Monday's Golden Jubilee rock concert at Buckingham Palace and will "almost certainly" sing along with him during his performance of All You Need Is Love. Thi... (more)
2002-May-29Sir Paul's London Hideaway
London's Evening Standard reports today that during this pre-wedding period Sir Paul and Heather have taken up residence in a small apartment Sir Paul had built on the top floor of his Soho office building. Since the paparazzi and fans have been c... (more)
2002-May-29Sir Richard the Matchmaker
Sir Richard Branson is claiming that he was the matchmaker responsible for bringing Sir Paul and Heather Mills together.  In the BBC documentary "There's Only One Paul McCartney" Sir Richard says "Shortly before Heather met Paul I turned to... (more)
2002-May-27"Mrs. McCartney" To Meet The Queen
The Sun is reporting that following their wedding next month Sir Paul and Heather will make their first public appearance as man and wife in Liverpool on July 25 when Queen Elizabeth pays a visit to Sir Paul's art exhibition at the Walker Gallery.... (more)
2002-May-26Squashing the Love Child Rumors
Sir Paul hopes to put to rest the rumors that 42 year old singer-songwriter Michelle Le Vallier (who has changed her name to Michelle McCartney) is his secret love child.  Last evening Sir Paul told The Mail on Sunday: "It is total rubbish. I... (more)
2002-May-23The Official Opening of "The Art of Paul McCartney"
This evening Sir Paul attended the private official opening "The Art of Paul McCartney" his first art exhibition to be held in the U.K.  When he arrived at the Walker Gallery ( he drove Heather to the function in his black Jaguar) a crowd of... (more)
2002-May-23Sir Paul's Liverpool Art Exhibit Preview
photosUpdated May 24.  Sir Paul is in Liverpool this week to launch his art exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery.  In spite of having just completed a major United States tour a few days ago Sir Paul looked tanned relaxed and fit in a T-shirt... (more)
2002-May-22Sir Paul's "Big Heart"
photosUnveiled for the first time today at Sir Paul's art exhibit at Liverpool's Walker Gallery is his new abstract painting called "Big Heart" dedicated to Heather Mills.  Sir Paul painted the abstract shortly after he met Heather and is one of the... (more)
2002-May-21Stella Supports Bandanna Week
photosBandanna Week starts this Thursday.  It runs from May 23 - June 3.  The campaign organized by the Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT) focuses on the needs of young adults with cancer leukemia and related diseases.  Recognizing that the band... (more)
2002-May-21More from the Stella McCartney Interview
The Saturday May 18 issue of The Scotsman published another Chrissy Iley story based on her Paris interview with Stella McCartney. (see May 12) In this article we learn that as a child Stella played with frogs never owned a doll and was bullied... (more)
2002-May-21Two New Items Released Today
photosThe Vanilla Sky DVD has been released today.  It includes an interview with Sir Paul during which he talks about the Academy Award nominated title song he wrote for the film. Also the highly anticipated Lulu CD Together featuring her Inside... (more)
2002-May-21"Larry King II, 2001"
photosUpdated May 22.  When he was 11 years old young Paul McCartney won a prize for his drawing of a neighborhood church. The Liverpool lad used his award money to purchase an art book filled with reproductions of the paintings of Salvador Dali an... (more)


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