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2002-Jun-10Wedding Preparations
Today's Daily Telegraph provides us with some details about the Sir Paul's wedding ceremony.  They write that Mr. and Mrs. Ringo Starr are flying in from their home in Monaco.  Engineers have set up a sound system in the church with which... (more)
2002-Jun-10In Defense of Heather
Heather's sister Fiona Mills has condemned the press for the derogatory "rubbish" some newspapers have published about Heather saying "For the record my sister is a truly thoughtful giving and loving person who has always devoted herself to ot... (more)
2002-Jun-09The Wedding Invitation Photo
An article published in today's The People reports that wedding guests found a playful photo of Sir Paul and Heather tucked inside their elegant wedding invitations.  The photo shows the bare-footed Sir Paul with his trouser legs rolled-up car... (more)
2002-Jun-09It's Official
Sir Paul and his bride arrived at by helicopter this evening at Castle Leslie in County Monaghan Ireland.  They are scheduled to make an appearance at the castle gates on Monday afternoon to thank the fans and journalists for all their good w... (more)
2002-Jun-07It's Hard To Keep A Secret In Glaslough
Updated.  Sir John Leslie is the uncle of Castle Leslie's owner Samantha and her husband Ultan.  Yesterday he told reporters in Glaslough Ireland that Sir Paul's wedding will take place there on Tuesday:  "We are told vaguely it i... (more)
2002-Jun-06No Wedding Bells Today
Sir Paul and Heather Mills did not get married today.  Actually they spent part of the day shopping in Brighton.  The local newspaper reports that Tim Mycock the manager of the Italian Suit Company in Brighton saw Sir Paul and Heather s... (more)
2002-Jun-06"He's Really Happy and That's Great!"
Linda's McCartney's close friend Carla Lane has told The Liverpool Daily Post that she wishes Sir Paul well in his new marriage.  She recalls "I visited Paul and his family soon after her death and it was tragic to see him like that." and sh... (more)
2002-Jun-06Stella Granted Permission To Demolish Old Church
Today the planning chiefs at Kensington and Chelsea are expected to grant Stella McCartney permission to demolish a derelict church and build her headquarters in its place (see May 7). Planning director Mike French has recommended that the councilo... (more)
2002-Jun-06Stella Visits Kuwait
Stella McCartney granted a rare interview to NBC's Extra television program.  Stella was in the Middle East last week attending the gala grand opening of Sheik Majed Al-Sabah's $40-million luxury designer boutique Villa Moda in Kuwait City... (more)
2002-Jun-06Some Pre-Wedding Festivities
Updated. It has been a busy week for Sir Paul and Heather Mills.  Last weekend Heather held a hen party for 30 of her closest friends  (who were instructed to wear house slippers to protect the new carpeting) in her newly renovated home... (more)
2002-Jun-05Will Wedding Bells Ring Tomorrow?
Will wedding bells be ringing for Sir Paul and Heather Mills tomorrow?  And if so will they be ringing in Ireland or the Hamptons?   Happily for Sir Paul his secret is still safe. Cindy Adams the veteran New York Post gossip colum... (more)
2002-Jun-05Rumors At The Palace
Some are saying that Heather Mills did not seem to be in the best of moods at Monday evening's Jubilee concert.  One VIP told reporters: "She seemed downbeat and glum though at least she was wearing her engagement ring." However when some rep... (more)
2002-Jun-05Setting the Record Straight About That Florida Spat
Carmen Ackerman spokesperson for the Turnberry Isle Resort and Club has met with the press to tell the real story about Heather Mill's lost engagement ring (see June 3)  Ms. Ackerman told reporters: "They were a lovely group.  There was... (more)
2002-Jun-04Dinner at the Royal College of Art
Today's The Times (London) royal calendar states that: "Royal Academy of Arts Princess Alexandra was the guest of honor at a reception and dinner given on Thursday May 30 by the Royal Academy of Arts. Sir Christopher Frayling Rector of the Royal... (more)
2002-Jun-04The Party at the Palace
During last evening's Party at the Palace Sir Paul sang his song "Her Majesty" for the Queen.   "I had to do it " he said. Watching the concert from her place of honor in the royal box was Heather Mills seated beside Yoko Ono.  Also... (more)
2002-Jun-03He Almost Had To Walk to the "Party"
For his performance in this Evening's "Party at the Palace" Sir Paul will be driven to the stage area in a royal golf cart.   The performers' limos have been banned from the Palace grounds by the Queen for fear they will ruin her Camomil... (more)
2002-Jun-03Pre-wedding Jitters?
photosAs Sir Paul and Heather Mill's wedding date draws near the British press (and not just the tabloids) are reporting that the bride and groom as well as daughter Stella and some of Sir Paul's friends all seem to be demonstrating some reservations ab... (more)
2002-Jun-03"All You Need Is Love"
In celebration of her golden jubilee today the Queen led her subjects in the singing of "All You Need Is Love".    In Slough Her Majesty was given a metronome which she used to lead a 250-voice choir in the singing of the Beatle cl... (more)
2002-Jun-03The Palace Concert Recordings
photosSir Paul's performance at Buckingham Palace this evening is being filmed for posterity and will soon be available on CD video and DVD.  The concert recordings will be released on July 2 ( will take your order now).   BBC W... (more)
2002-Jun-02"There's Only One Paul McCartney"
In this evening's BBC1 "There's Only One Paul McCartney" tribute his old friend Cilla Black confided that  "Linda was totally right for Paul. Do you know why? She devoted her life 100 per cent to him. "  The program also revealed that Si... (more)


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