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2002-Jun-18Heather's Wedding Gown
Updated June 19 and July 15.  The designers of Heather's wedding gown wish to set the record straight.  Various reports in the London papers ( Daily Telegraph Express and the Daily Standard) write that Heather's cream lace wedding gown... (more)
2002-Jun-18A Thank You from Sir Paul and Heather
The Express reports today that while in Ireland last week Sir Paul and Heather had a bit of trouble navigating through the rain soaked muddy roads. The Irish singer Ronan Keating currently on a major arena tour of the U.K. came to the rescue... (more)
2002-Jun-18Stella says, "The family is fine! ... Happy Birthday, dear Dad!"
Today's London Evening Standard reports that yesterday Stella McCartney threw a baby shower in her Notting Hill home for her sister Mary and three of Stella's friends - supermodel Kate Moss Texas singer Sharleen Spiteri and actress Sadie Frost.&n... (more)
2002-Jun-17Stella Upholds Linda's Tradition
From an article appearing in today's San Francisco Chronicle we learn a few more details about Sir Paul's wedding from one of his guests.  PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) vice president Dan Mathews accompanied Chrissie Hy... (more)
2002-Jun-17Heather's New Book
photosAccording to the Sun   Heather Mills McCartney is writing a second autobiography.  Her first "Out On A Limb" was published in 1995.  In her first book Heather writes about her escape from a dysfunctional family life and her struggle... (more)
2002-Jun-17Soul Solution Returns to New York from a Wedding Gig in Ireland
Last week the television program Entertainment Tonight was able to catch a quick interview with party band leader Greg Denard at JFK International Airport as he and his band Soul Solution returned to New York city after entertaining Sir Paul a... (more)
2002-Jun-16VH1's Party at the Palace Interview
photosVH1's "The Queen's Jubilee: The Party at the Palace" program that debuted this week featured this playful interview between Sir Paul and Sharon Osbourne wife of Ozzy.   The interview took place backstage as the Corrs were finishing the... (more)
2002-Jun-16Sir Peter and Sir Paul
He was able to keep his knighthood a secret until he went to his friend Sir Paul's wedding last week.  Sir Peter Blake said: "We hadn't even told Rose our 15-year-old daughter.  We managed it until Tuesday night when we went to Paul McCa... (more)
2002-Jun-15Some Words from Brother Michael, Sir Paul's Best Man
From his home in Heswall the Wirral Sir Paul's brother Mike told The Sun yesterday "It's great that Our Kid has found someone to be happy with."   During the interview he shared some delightful stories about his brother's wedding s... (more)
2002-Jun-14Mary and Stella Campaign for Peace
photosSir Paul's daughters Mary and Stella were in London today to lend their support to a good cause - the screening of a new documentary film called Peace One Day.  The film a call to end to all violence will be released to the public on Septem... (more)
2002-Jun-14New Adopt-A-Minefield Poster Available
photosSome original Sir Paul McCartney artwork is being sold on the Adopt-A-Minefield kiosk.  For the price of $50.00 you can order the beautiful 2' x 2.5' poster pictured at left.  Proceeds from the sale of the posters will benefit Adopt-A-Mi... (more)
2002-Jun-14Honeymooning in the Seychelles
photosUpdated June 16.  Sir Paul and his bride are honeymooning on a private island in the Seychelles.  According to the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation the newlyweds arrived yesterday from Belfast Northern Ireland. The island paradise in... (more)
2002-Jun-13Words from the Man Who Wed Sir Paul and Heather
In an article published in today's Belfast Telegraph Church of Ireland Archdeacon Cecil Pringle talks about officiating at the McCartney wedding ceremony.  He says the request was made a long time ago when he met with two of Sir Paul's represe... (more)
2002-Jun-12The Wedding Reception
Updated June 14.  Sir Paul's spokesman Geoff Baker told reporters today "It was a fabulous event really fantastic. Everything went according to plan and everyone had a superb time."  Today we have learned more about what took place a... (more)
2002-Jun-11Best Wishes to Sir Paul and Heather McCartney
Updated throughout the day on June 12.  At about 5:20 this evening the wedding bells began to chime in Glaslough Ireland for Sir Paul and Heather McCartney.  Two and a half hours later Sir Paul's spokesman Geoff Baker emerged from th... (more)
2002-Jun-11The Families' Wedding Eve Celebration
London's Evening Standard report today that the families of Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills celebrated in the main hall of Castle Leslie until 4:00 a.m. this morning.  After enjoying a vegetarian meal during which time Sir Paul's brother... (more)
2002-Jun-11The Arrival of the Wedding Guests
photosYesterday Sir Paul told the crowd gathered outside the Castle Leslie gates: "It's not a celebrity wedding. There will probably only be about ten people at the wedding you have heard of and the rest will be family and friends." Later Sir Paul's sp... (more)
2002-Jun-10The Bride and Groom Meet the Press
Updated June 17:  Late this afternoon Sir Paul and Heather Mills posed briefly for fans and members of the press outside the gates of Castle Leslie. Sir Paul told the group of about 300 people: "As you know through Uncle Jack there is going... (more)
2002-Jun-10Wedding Photos for Charity
Sir Paul and Heather Mills have refused Hello magazine's attempt to secure the rights to their wedding pictures.  Geoff Baker explained: "They were offered £1.5 million by a British publication for the photos and they turned that down. I... (more)
2002-Jun-10The "Party at the Palace" CD Release
photosUpdated: On June 24 in the U.K. EMI will release the CD recording of last week's royal jubilee rock concert at Buckingham Palace.  Plans for the North American release have not been finalized as yet.  The recording is expected to raise p... (more)


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