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2002-Jul-03Stella Helps the Children of War
photosStella McCartney has written the introduction to a new book called Big Night Out.  British celebrities were asked to contribute short stories illustrations cocktail recipes and lists of favorite songs to provide readers with ideas for enjoy... (more)
2002-Jul-02Home from the Honeymoon
Updated July 5.  Sir Paul and Heather are home from their honeymoon.  They were spotted leaving Primrose Hill's Manna restaurant in north London.   Sir Paul dines regularly at this vegetarian establishment.   The resta... (more)
2002-Jul-01Help for Humphrey
photosThe Aberdeen Press and Journal reports that Sir Paul took time out from his honeymoon to come to the aid of some needy animals.  The Willows Animal Sanctuary recently received a a £1 000 check from Sir Paul accompanied by a note that sai... (more)
2002-Jun-30Souvenirs from the Beach
According to today's Sunday Express Sir Paul may return from his island honeymoon with some unique souvenirs.  The article quotes Sir Paul as admitting that he is a chronic beachcomber:  "I love to sail to the remotest beach I can find a... (more)
2002-Jun-29Driving USA to Continute in September and October
Billboard reports that 23 more arena dates in September and October have been set so that Sir Paul can continue his Driving USA tour.  They quote Sir Paul as saying back in April that:  "We're enjoying it so much that we think it would be... (more)
2002-Jun-28"Dear McDonalds Shareholder"
photosThe top 100 shareholders of McDonald's stock received a letter from Sir Paul requesting that they use their influence to urge the fast-food chain to extend their U.S. animal welfare standards to their 29 000 other restaurants around the world. Peop... (more)
2002-Jun-27More Details on the "Party at the Palace" Recordings
photosBillboard is announcing that July 2 has been set as the North American release date for the "Party at the Palace" 21-track CD.   It was released internationally on June 24.  (see June 10)  Billboard also reports that both the c... (more)
2002-Jun-26Sir Paul's Stamps to Be Released Monday
photosUpdated June 27.  On Monday July 1 the collection of floral stamps Sir Paul designed for the Isle of Man Post are due to be released (see February 17).  The stamp bureau has printed 170 000 copies of the McCartney edition which is entit... (more)
2002-Jun-26Uninvited But Understanding
The Express is reporting today that McCartney family friend Carla Lane who describes Linda as her "dearest friend - no one understood me like her" was not invited to Sir Paul's wedding.   However Ms. Lane says there are no hard feeling... (more)
2002-Jun-25Honeymoon, Part II
London's Evening Standard is reporting that Sir Paul and Heather have started the second leg of their honeymoon with a cruise around the Greek island of Paxos.  The couple have been seen diving into the sea from their three tiered super yacht... (more)
2002-Jun-24Appeasing Eavis & Brown
Last week we reported that London designers Caroline Eavis and Annie Brown were telling the press that they did not receive adequate recognition for the creation of Heather's wedding gown.  (see June 18)  In an effort to correct the situ... (more)
2002-Jun-23Happy Birthday, McCartney Rose
photosUpdated July 1.  Having appeared on Sir Paul's lapel and in Heather's bouquet on their wedding day you may be curious to learn more about the McCartney rose.  Ten years ago EMI Records wanted to celebrate Sir Paul's 50th birthday in a s... (more)
2002-Jun-23Sir Paul's Daughter Falls Victim to Muggers
It was reported today that Sir Paul's daughter Mary was the victim of a recent brutal mugging in Maida Vale West London.  She was attacked from behind by two thieves as she was packing the boot (trunk) of her blue Mercedes.  The robber... (more)
2002-Jun-23The Return to Mull of Kintyre
The news from Scotland is that in July Sir Paul and Heather will be returning to the McCartney High Peak Farm on the Mull of Kintyre.  It is said to be Heather's first visit to the beloved family farm. One of his Campbeltown neighbors reports:... (more)
2002-Jun-21McCartney Hip Hop
Updated July 2.  Sir Paul has authorized the use of a sample of his material for use in a hip hop recording.   On July 30 a new single called "Muzik" will be released by Los Angeles rapper Knoc-Turn'al which borrows a section of the... (more)
2002-Jun-21The Concert (and Wedding) DVD
Reports today state that the Driving Rain concert DVD will include the 10-minute film shown to the wedding guests of Sir Paul kissing Heather in 20 different countries around the world.  The DVD will also show Sir Paul's favorite parts his wed... (more)
2002-Jun-20Some Monkey Business
The Sun reports today that while in Atlanta Georgia during his recent Driving Rain tour Sir Paul jammed with a very special group of musicians - a group of apes called bonobos.  Sir Paul's friend Peter Gabriel encouraged Sir Paul to pay a... (more)
2002-Jun-19Auntie Jin's Family Goes to the Wedding
Today's Liverpool Echo published an interview with Sir Paul's second cousin Sally Murphy (Paul's father's sister Auntie Jin was her grandmother) .  Sally who manages a sauna at Guinea Gap Leisure Centre in Wallasey is married to Kevin Mur... (more)
2002-Jun-19Sir Paul's Thanksgiving Day Television Special
The Express is reporting today that Sir Paul has signed a deal with ABC for a television special to be aired in the United States on Thanksgiving Day. (Other reports claim the show will be aired the following day Friday November 29.) The Express... (more)
2002-Jun-19On to the Hamptons?
The Express is reporting today that Sir Paul and Heather were preparing to leave the Seychelles last evening to continue their honeymoon in the United States at Sir Paul's Long Island New York estate in the Hamptons.... (more)


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