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2002-Jul-18An Emmy Nomination for the "Concert for New York City"
This morning the television broadcast of Sir Paul's "Concert for New York City" received two Emmy nominations from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.  The first was the Outstanding Variety Music Or Comedy Special category. ... (more)
2002-Jul-18Wedding Picture for Charity a Success
Updated  July 23.  You may recall that Sir Paul and Heather rejected Hello! magazine's  Pounds 1.5 million for the exclusive rights to publish their wedding pictures.  Instead media organizations were required to make a contrib... (more)
2002-Jul-17Lulu Climbs the Charts With a Little Help from Her Friends
For the first time in her 38 year career Lulu has made her first U.K. top-10 album chart appearance with her "Together" album which features a duet with Sir Paul on "Inside Thing" his clever interpretation of his 1976 hit "Let 'Em In" using sampl... (more)
2002-Jul-17Freedom Ad Pulled
Updated July 19.  Following complaints from some of the the relatives of victims of the September 11 attacks on the United States Sir Paul  has removed a promotion for his charity single Freedom from his website. The ad encouraged the re... (more)
2002-Jul-17Next Week in Liverpool
photosThe Liverpool Echo reports that on Thursday July 25 Sir Paul's brother Mike will join other Merseyside performers in a variety show being held to help raise money for the ECHO Sunrise Fund which supports local charities.   Michelle Lewis... (more)
2002-Jul-17Coming in October - "Wingspan" the Book
photosAn October release date has been set for Wingspan the book.  This "intimate scrapbook" is Sir Paul's personal record of his band Wings.  The press release promises that "apart from a unique insight into the dynamics of a hugely popular b... (more)
2002-Jul-16He Is Back in the U.S.
Today's Daily Star reports that Sir Paul is back in the United States.  He was recently spotted in New York city's Union Square toting two shopping bags.... (more)
2002-Jul-15"Back in the U.S. Tour" Announced
photosUpdated July 17 19 & 23.  Tomorrow afternoon Geoff Baker will announce that in September Sir Paul will return to the United States for another 22 concert appearances.  Once again Sir Paul will be joined on stage by Rusty Anderson an... (more)
2002-Jul-15"Back in the U.S. Tour" Announced
Tomorrow afternoon Geoff Baker will announce that in September Sir Paul will return to the United States for another 22 concert appearances.  Once again Sir Paul will be joined on stage by Rusty Anderson and Brian Ray on guitars Abe Lab... (more)
2002-Jul-14Sir Paul Named Top Concert Earner
According to the trade publication Pollstar Sir Paul was the top concert earner in the first half of 2002 with ticket sales of $52.8 million.  During this first leg of his Driving Rain tour Sir Paul played 27 shows in 20 cities.  The av... (more)
2002-Jul-13His First Literary Critic
Today's London Guardian published an insightful story from Sir Paul's school days in Liverpool.  With tongue in cheek Eric Griffiths (who teaches English literature at the University of Cambridge) writes about an early critic of Sir Paul's wr... (more)
2002-Jul-12A Poem for Steve Miller
photosSir Paul and Steve Miller are good friends.  Still   it came as a complete surprise to the musician when he discovered a poem written by Sir Paul printed in the booklet of his new live album "King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents The Steve M... (more)
2002-Jul-10Castle Leslie Goodies For Sale
photosThe Boston Globe reports that Castle Leslie proprietor Sammy Leslie was in Boston recently en route to this weekend's international trade show held in New York city.  The reporter tried to get some more information from her about the McCartn... (more)
2002-Jul-08Sir Paul's Contribution to National Vegetarian Week
National Vegetarian Week starts today.  To mark the event Sir Paul appears in a short film produced by Viva as part of the organization's campaign against factory farm practices.  The film will be shown at a national march and rally to b... (more)
2002-Jul-07Enjoying the Match at Wimbledon
Today Sir Paul and Heather were sighted in the centre court viewing stands at the Wimbledon tennis championships as they watched Australia's Lleyton Hewitt's victory match over Argentina's David Nalbandian in the men's singles final.  During... (more)
2002-Jul-07James Bond, Beware of Heather
The People reports that Heather may have an interesting story line to contribute to a future James Bond film.  Casting herself in the role of an enemy agent Heather is quoted as saying   "I could get into bed with James and then take my... (more)
2002-Jul-05Influencing the Counting Crows
Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows says that the groups new album Hard Candy was inspired by a chat he had with Sir Paul: "I'd had this conversation with Paul McCartney a couple of years ago at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and I just left the c... (more)
2002-Jul-04A Gold CD For the Golden Jubilee CD
Today Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth becomes the first royal to receive a gold disc after the Party At The Palace album featuring a performance by Sir Paul sold a staggering 100 000 copies its first week of release.  (see June 27) The recordi... (more)
2002-Jul-04Back to Work
Updated July 8. Sir Paul and Heather Mills McCartney made their first public appearance as man and wife this evening on ITV1's Britain's Brilliant Prodigies awards show.   The couple joined other celebrities in honoring some of Britain's... (more)
2002-Jul-03Freedom and Fireworks
Traditionally Americans celebrate the Fourth of July holiday with patriotic music and pyrotechnics.  All across the United States this year a new tune is appearing on the play list of recorded music that accompanies the red white and blue f... (more)


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