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2002-Aug-31The Stella McCartney Collection's First UK Store
The Estates Gazette reports that Stella McCartney signed up for her first UK store a flagship unit at 30 Bruton Street W1 the former site of the Lefevre art gallery.  The Stella McCartney Collection will occupy the entire 14 000 square foot... (more)
2002-Aug-28Heather Clears Up Some Rumors
London's Evening Standard reports today about an interview which Heather granted to New York magazine in which she speaks of how she has become great friends with Sir Paul's children.   In the interview Heather says: "I am so close to th... (more)
2002-Aug-25The Casbah Club Reopens
Today's Observer reports that with the blessing of Sir Paul Liverpool's Casbah Club will reopen to the public this week.  It  was in this coffee club located in the cellar of a 15-bedroom Liverpool home that the early Beatles first per... (more)
2002-Aug-23With A Little Help From His Friend Heather
Newcastle's Evening Chronicle reports that four-year-old William Hardy who lost his two legs and his left arm to meningitis two years ago has captured the heart of Heather Mills McCartney.  After reading about the plight of the lad in the C... (more)
2002-Aug-23Sir Paul to Perform in Mexico City
Sir Paul has added a stop in Mexico to his world tour schedule.  He will be performing in Mexico City on November 25 and 27 at the Palacio de los Deportes sports arena.  Sir Paul has issued a statement saying:  "Mexico City audiences... (more)
2002-Aug-23Bangor Visit Remembered
It was 35 years ago this that the Beatles traveled to what is now Bangor University in north Wales to meet the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  It was there that they learned of the suicide of their manager Brian Epstein.  Today a plaque to comm... (more)
2002-Aug-23The World Tour Moves on to Japan and Australia
The Australian press is reporting that Sir Paul has set concert dates for performances in Japan and is now looking to drive his tour on to Australia.  Sir Paul's tour coordinators are said to be looking at indoor venues in Melbourne Sydney an... (more)
2002-Aug-22Heather's Libel Action Settled
Heather Mills McCartney has agreed to accept a $76 000 settlement from the Sunday Mirror newspaper for reporting that she had been investigated for charity irregularities over money raised to help victims of the Gujarat earthquake in India last yea... (more)
2002-Aug-21Sir Paul A Top Brit
Today the BBC released their nomination list of the 100 greatest Britons.  Sir Paul is on the list as well as John Lennon and George Harrison.  Sadly poor Ringo did not make the cut.  The BBC2 television plans to air a series of pr... (more)
2002-Aug-18He's A Grandfather Again
The Daily Mail reports that Sir Paul welcomed his new grandson to his north London home today.  Daugher Mary gave birth to a baby boy two weeks ago.  According to a family friend:  "He is absolutely smitten by the baby and looked as... (more)
2002-Aug-17Sir Paul Celebrates Billy Connolly's Birthday
This evening Sir Paul and Heather attended the 60th birthday party of Billy Connolly the Laird of Candacraig.  (You may know Mr. Connolly from his role as Queen Victoria's devoted friend in the film Mrs. Brown.)   The guest list al... (more)
2002-Aug-16Sir Paul Postpones His Kennedy Honors
(Updated August 19) Sir Paul has sent a message of regret and apology to the Kennedy Center saying that an inescapable personal obligation (the wedding of his niece) will prevent him from traveling to Washington D.C. the weekend of December 7 to... (more)
2002-Aug-13"Good Rockin' Tonight" to Be Released on DVD/VHS
photosAn October 1 release date has been announced for the DVD/VHS version of last fall's "Good Rockin' Tonight: The Legacy of Sun Records" documentary.  (see November 25 2001)  The film which was shown last November on public television in t... (more)
2002-Aug-12Coming In October - The Ultimate Beatles' Album
Updated August 13.  In commemoration the the 40 year anniversary of the Beatles first hit recording "Love Me Do" Parlophone records plans to release a 50 track double CD of Beatles tunes in October.  The Sun reports that a secret meetin... (more)
2002-Aug-08Bargain Hunting in Brighton
Sir Paul surprised the customers and clerks of Blakes discount clothing store in Brighton today when he popped in to purchase three shirts (including an England football tee-shirt) and a pair of blue shorts.  Sir Paul's credit card total came... (more)
2002-Aug-07Campbeltown Memories of Linda
In part 4 of the Scottish Daily Record's series on Sir Paul a local resident of Campbeltown shares her memories of Linda.   Anne Leith recalls working at the local bakery and being photographed by Linda: "Linda was always going about th... (more)
2002-Aug-07A New Home for Stella
Updated.  London's Evening Standard reports that Stella may soon be moving to a new home.  Stella may be leaving Notting Hill for a more exclusive address in Belgravia.  The move may be prompted by Stella's concerns about security fo... (more)
2002-Aug-06Promoting Sir Paul
This week's Billboard reports that the return of Sir Paul's concert tour to the United States this September is producing another rare collaboration between two competing promoters Clear Channel Entertainment (CCE) and AEG Live both of whom promot... (more)
2002-Aug-06Kind Words from Knoc-Turn'Al
Knoc-Turn'Al  has some kind words to say about Sir Paul for letting him feature a sample of "Old Siam Sir." in his "Muzik" rap song.  (see June 21)  The rapper told Billboard magazine: "It must have been a favor from God.  He m... (more)
2002-Aug-06"Mull of Kintyre" Memories
Today's installment of the "Paul McCartney Story" being published in the Scottish Daily Record this week includes an interview with one of the Mull of Kintyre pipers.  Ian McKerrals a forty year-old barber and piping instructor recalls being... (more)


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