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2002-Sep-17Style Icon Stella
Stella McCartney was awarded Elle magazine's prestigious Style Icon award last evening during a ceremony that took place at  London's Natural History Museum.  ... (more)
2002-Sep-17Mary McCartney Donald Photos to be Auctioned for Charity
photosSir Paul's daughter Mary McCartney Donald is lending her photography talents to the fight against breast cancer.  Just four days before giving birth to her baby boy Mary completed a celebrity haute couture fashion shoot that appears in the... (more)
2002-Sep-17Coming Soon - "A Hard Day's Night" on DVD
photosNext Tuesday September 24 the Beatles' first film "A Hard Day's Night" will be released as a special  two-disc DVD.  Beatles historian Martin Lewis spent 2 1/2 years conducting the 30 interviews that appear on the DVD.  He recen... (more)
2002-Sep-17On Saturday, Give Peace A Chance
On Saturday the United Nations hopes to inaugurate the first ever one-day global ceasefire.  Both Sir Paul and his daughters Stella and Mary have been ardent supporters of the Peace One Day event (see June 14).  According to the movement... (more)
2002-Sep-17Yoko Goes to Court Next Week
More details of the tense relationship between John Lennon and Paul McCartney following the breakup of the Beatles may be revealed when Yoko Ono goes to Manhattan Federal Court next week in New York city to claim ownership 374 Lennon family photogr... (more)
2002-Sep-17Still Topping the Concert Charts
According to the September 21 issue of Billboard Sir Paul is still the top money maker of all the artists touring between January and July 2002.  Here are the statistics: Total Gross:$53 218 098 Total Attendance: 407 183 Total Capacity:... (more)
2002-Sep-16Anticipating Stella's New York Party
Hordes of construction workers are working at top speed so that Stella will be ready to open the doors to her first boutique in time for Friday evening's gala opening party.  Vogue magazine reports that anticipation is high: "New York is a big... (more)
2002-Sep-15Sir Paul to Release the Beatles' Carnival of Light
During the summer of 2001 we reported that Sir Paul was working on a project involving an unreleased Beatles track called Carnival of Light.  (see June 3 2001)   Today's Sunday Times reports that Sir Paul is planning to release the... (more)
2002-Sep-13Marking George Harrison's First Anniversary
Updated September 20.   Sir Paul and Ringo Starr along with Eric Clapton Bob Dylan former Traveling Wilburys Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne Jools Holland Ravi Shankar and Monty Python members Michael Palin and Eric Idle are planning to per... (more)
2002-Sep-12In Tribute to the King
On October 22 EMI will release new album of Elvis Presley covers featuring some contributions from Paul McCartney and John Lennon.   A Tribute to the King will include Sir Paul's rendition of the Elvis classic "All Shook Up" as well as J... (more)
2002-Sep-10Stella to Open Her New York City Boutique Next Week
On September 20 Stella will open her first shop.  The Stella McCartney boutique will be located at 429 West 14th Street in New York city (see April 13).  The Manhattan store will sell her ready-to-wear line of clothing as well as the tre... (more)
2002-Sep-09Another McCartney Wedding in Ireland?
photosThe Irish press is reporting today that Sir Paul's daughter Stella will wed Alasdhair Willis in Ireland later this year.  Stella recently visited the magnificent Ashford Castle Hotel in county Mayo to sample the menu and to meet with the manag... (more)
2002-Sep-07Remembering "the Best Mum in the World"
The British press today contains several touching stories about Mary and Stella McCartney's first visit to Liverpool's Linda McCartney Centre (see September 3). For the first time Sir Paul's daughters spoke in public about losing their mother to c... (more)
2002-Sep-06The High Court Settles Heather's Libel Case
Heather's libel case was officially settled at the High Court in London yesterday .  The decision confirmed the statement issued by Heather's lawyer last month (see August 22) that the Sunday Mirror would pay $78 090 in damages to Heather resu... (more)
2002-Sep-05Sir Paul's Memories of September 11
Last evening on the "Access Hollywood" television program Sir Paul shared his memories of witnessing the attack on the World Trade Center in New York city last September 11.  He recalled:  "I very much experienced it in the New York area... (more)
2002-Sep-04Heather's Speaks To "Vanity Fair"
The October edition of Vanity Fair will feature a candid interview with Heather Mills McCartney.  In the interview Heather discloses that Sir Paul turned down her offer to sign a prenuptial agreement before their wedding last June:  "I w... (more)
2002-Sep-03Defining Stella
A new entry will appear in the next edition of one of the world's oldest reference books the Chambers Biographical Dictionary.  In the 2002 edition that is being published this week Stella McCartney's 150 word biography will appear alongside... (more)
2002-Sep-03The McCartney Sisters Pay Tribute To Their Mother
photosOn Friday Stella and Mary McCartney will be in Liverpool for their first visit to the Linda McCartney Centre at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital.   According to the facility's fund-raising mananger Julie Bond: "Everyone admired... (more)
2002-Sep-01Sir Paul & Ringo Invited to a No. 1 Party
Updated September 5. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the UK record charts Sir Paul and Ringo Starr have been invited to join other No. 1 artists to perform some of their greatest hits on a BBC television special.  Sir Paul and Rin... (more)
2002-Aug-31Sir Paul and Heather Return to the United States
photosAccording to an article published in today's London's Daily Mail entitled "Heather Goes To Hollywood" Sir Paul and Heather have returned to the United States where they will reside for the next few months.  Sir Paul will be continuing his Dri... (more)


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