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2002-Oct-05A Change of Plans for the Linda McCartney Memorial in Kintyre
The Aberdeen Press and Journal reports today that the bronze statue of Linda commissioned by Sir Paul is to be erected later this month at a council owned site in Campbeltown.   Sir Paul who paid GBP 20 000 for the one ton statue has bee... (more)
2002-Oct-05A Change of Plans for the Linda McCartney Memorial in Kintyre
The Aberdeen Press and Journal reports today that the bronze statue of Linda commissioned by Sir Paul is to be erected later this month at a council owned site in Campbeltown.   Sir Paul who paid GBP 20 000 for the one ton statue has... (more)
2002-Oct-05"Penny Lane" Note Auctioned
A note handwritten by Sir Paul to an old family friend back in the 1960s was sold yesterday for $3 350 Swindon's Dominic Winter Book Auctions.  According to Richard Westwood-Brookes of Swindon's Dominic Winter Book Auctions such quotations ar... (more)
2002-Oct-03The George Harrison Memorial Concert
It was officially announced today that Sir Paul and Ringo Starr will headline George Harrison's memorial concert to be held at London's Royal Albert Hall on November 29 the first anniversary of his death.  (see September 13)  The concert... (more)
2002-Oct-01Still Friends with Hunter Davies
Today's Express writes that Beatle's biographer Hunter Davies has remained friends with both Yoko Ono and Sir Paul McCartney.   He says:  "I got a chatty letter not long ago from him (Paul) about his kids. I also hear from Yoko. Bo... (more)
2002-Oct-01"Good-bye" Lyrics on the Auction Block This Week
photosUp for auction this Thursday October 3 at Christie's in London South Kensington are Sir Paul's handwritten lyrics to his 1969 Mary Hopkin classic Good-bye.    Sir Paul wrote the lyrics and guitar chord annotations an a sheet of A... (more)
2002-Sep-29Linda's Statue Is Completed
The news from Scotland is that the life-sized statue of Linda McCartney sitting on a boulder holding a lamb has arrived in Campbeltown and is ready for unveiling.  Sir Paul commissioned the statue from Shropshire artist Jane Robbins who happe... (more)
2002-Sep-29Fitness Tips
This week's Sunday Tasmanian shares some of Sir Paul's secrets to good health and fitness.  Sir Paul who says he prefers to "grow old gracefully as nature intended" attributes his incredible fitness to the Alexander Technique "a revolutiona... (more)
2002-Sep-27In Memory of His Cousin
Last March we reported the loss of Sir Paul's "famous cousin" crossword puzzle writer Bert Danher.  (see March 14)   Yesterday Sir Paul honored the memory of his cousin by sponsoring a memorial crossword puzzle competition held sim... (more)
2002-Sep-26The United Nations Honors Sir Paul
At a New York city gala last evening Sir Paul and Heather were honored for their leadership in humanitarian causes by United Nations Association of the United States.   At a dinner attended by U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan and numero... (more)
2002-Sep-26On to China?
According to an article published in today's Sun Sir Paul is in the process of finalizing plans to hold a concert in Beijing China's Tiananmen Square.  You may recall that back in 1989 the vast square was the scene of a massive and bloody a... (more)
2002-Sep-25Sir Paul and Linda's Interest In Art Influences Their Daughter's First Advertising Campaign
The Autumn 2002 issue of Modern Painters magazine features an article about a unique collaboration between painter David Remfry and fashion designer Stella McCartney. David Remfry is an artist of Sir Paul's generation who earned respect as a waterc... (more)
2002-Sep-25Sir Paul's New Live Album and DVD to be Released November 26
The business wires are buzzing with news that on November 26 Sir Paul will be releasing his new live 2-CD album "Back In The U.S." and his 3-hour ''Rock 'n Road Movie'' DVD. This is the first time in his solo career that Sir Paul will share candi... (more)
2002-Sep-25Sir Paul's Milwaukee Interview
Today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel shares the wonderful news that Sir Paul's concerts are getting longer!  Sir Paul told the newspaper that when he started to plan the tour he intended to present a 90-minute show.   However the set... (more)
2002-Sep-24Sir Paul Hosts Television Special
As part of his campaign to ban landmines Sir Paul will appear as the host of a one-hour television program called "The Garden" the story of a Nicaraguan girl who is maimed by a landmine.  It is one of a series of three programs designed to r... (more)
2002-Sep-23The Drivin USA Tour Is on the Road Again
Today's Minneapolis Star Tribune published their reporter Jon Bream's interview with Sir Paul. Mr. Bream met Sir Paul at Milwaukee's Bradley Center. He was present for the Saturday afternoon sound check where he reported that even though he was o... (more)
2002-Sep-20Stella's Good Morning America Interview
This morning Stella McCartney was interviewed by correspondent Jancee Dunn on ABC television's "Good Morning America" program. Why did Stella choose New York city as the location for her first ever store? " First ever... for a number of reasons. I... (more)
2002-Sep-20Stella Opens Her Shop With A Party in New York City
Wearing cowboy hats and cowboy boots three hundred of Stella McCartney's friends were in New York City to celebrate the opening of her very first store. The first to arrive was Gwyneth Paltrow wearing a T-shirt from Stella's store ad campaign. Gwy... (more)
2002-Sep-19News from the Second Annual Adopt-A-Minefield Benefit
Last evening Sir Paul and Brian Wilson entertained a star studded audience at the second annual Adopt-A-Minefield "Open Hearts Clear Mines" benefit which was held at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles.  Among the stars who enjoyed his per... (more)
2002-Sep-18The McCartney-Wilson Duet
Daily Variety reports today that the highlight of this evening's Adopt-A-Minefield benefit at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles will no doubt be the duet to be performed by Sir Paul and Brian Wilson  (see July 24).  Following their i... (more)


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