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2002-Oct-30Heather Chats with Larry King
This evening Heather Mills McCartney was interviewed on CNN's Larry King Live television program and surprised viewers when she removed her artificial leg and handed it to her host. LARRY KING HOST: Tonight she swept the Beatle icon off his feet... (more)
2002-Oct-30The Linda McCartney's Statue to be Unveiled on Friday
The British press is reporting this week that Sir Paul will be performing in Mexico and will not be able to attend Friday's unveiling of the Linda McCartney in Campbeltown Scotland (see October 5).  According to Sir Paul's spokesman: "We are... (more)
2002-Oct-29"Driving USA" Holds the Top Five Places on the "Billboard Boxscore"
Sir Paul holds the top five spots on Billboard's list of the top 10 North American concert grosses for the period reported through October 22 2002.  Here are the numbers: 1. $2 325 855. Paul McCartney. Tacoma Dome. Tacoma Wash. Oct. 19. 2. $... (more)
2002-Oct-28The News from Los Angeles
The Daily News of Los Angeles reports that during the opening moments of his sold out concert at Staples Center his evening Sir Paul greeting the audience with the words: "Hello Los Angeles!  When I said I would be back I had no idea it wou... (more)
2002-Oct-28Heather's "Today" Show Appearance
Early this morning Heather Mills McCartney discussed her book "A Single Step" with Matt Lauer on NBC's "Today" show. MATT LAUER:  Her life story is so remarkable it could be the stuff of fiction. From a childhood filled with turmoil and some... (more)
2002-Oct-28Sir Paul Respectfully Postpones His Australian Concert
(Updated November 1)  Out of respect for the families and friends of those who were killed or injured in the October 12 Bali bombing Sir Paul has postponed his November 23 concert in Melbourne Australia.  In a statement issued from the... (more)
2002-Oct-25Heather's "20/20" Interview
October 25 2002: Barbara Walters 20/20 Interview with Heather Mills BARBARA WALTERS host:  It's been four years since Paul McCartney's beloved wife Linda passed away. Now Paul at 60 has found a new love a new wife 34- year-old Heather Mill... (more)
2002-Oct-25Sir Paul Makes A Political Endorsement in Oregon
On election day in America Tuesday November 5 Oregon voters will decide whether the state should label genetically engineered foods produced or sold in Oregon.   On the ballot will be Measure 27 a regulation which would would require a... (more)
2002-Oct-25Sir Paul to Pay Tribute to the Victims of the Terrorist Attack in Bali
As a finale to his November 23 concert at Telstra Dome in Melbourne Sir Paul will pay a "sincere and uplifting" tribute to the Australian victims of the Sari Club Bali bombing in Bali.  According to a concert source:  "Paul McCartney too... (more)
2002-Oct-23Designing Toys for Tommy's
photos(Updated November 19) Sir Paul has designed and autographed a toy for charity.  Sir Paul joined 150 celebrities who used their artistic talents to design building blocked to be auctioned in support of the baby charity Tommy's.  The block... (more)
2002-Oct-23Offbeat British Venues Added to the World Tour
The Daily Mail is reporting today that Sir Paul will round off his world tour with "a number of offbeat British venues" his spokesman describes as "places that don't normally get performed in".  Among the locales mention are Liverpool Dorset... (more)
2002-Oct-23Sir Paul Helps Fight the Freeze
Sir Paul has joined the Age Concern's Winter 2002's Fight the Freeze Appeal.  Travelers are asked to contribute unwanted foreign currency (from any country in the world!) to provide heat warm clothing food and other vital services to the ne... (more)
2002-Oct-22"It comes back when I'm with me dad."
In an interview published in today's London Times Stella McCartney told interviewer Sean Macaulay: "I'm sorry. I'm terrible. I'm really boring. You must be thinking this is so dull.  I'm not a fashion junkie.  I don't read the magazines.... (more)
2002-Oct-22A New McCartney Home
The British press is reporting that Sir Paul and Heather have purchased their first home together as a married couple.   The McCartneys have paid GBP 1million for a six-bedroom home in an exclusive row of white art deco homes overlooking... (more)
2002-Oct-22Heather Mills McCartney on 20/20
Heather has granted a second interview to ABC television's Barbara Walters. This new interview can be seen this Friday October 25 on ABC's 20/20 program.  Please check your local listings for time and station. Back on October 27 2000 Heathe... (more)
2002-Oct-21Stella Interviewed on "Entertainment Tonight"
(Updated October 24)  ET's Mary Hart interviewed Stella McCartney while she was in the United States to launch Absolut vodka's "Absolut Stella" advertising campaign (see October 20). Has fashion been Stella's obsession since whe was a young gi... (more)
2002-Oct-21Stella's Cup of Tea
photosSella McCartney has designed and autographed a special tea cup to be auctioned off in support of cancer research.  From October 24 through November 7 you may see Stella's teacup as well as other celebrity designs at the "My Cup of Tea" exhibit... (more)
2002-Oct-20"Absolut Stella" is Launched
Stella McCartney was at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles last week to launch the new Absolut vodka ad campaign called Absolut Stella.   The four-page ad features watercolours and drawings by English-born figurative painter David Remfry... (more)
2002-Oct-19Sir Paul's Aston Martin on Exhibit in Birmingham
photosOne of the main attractions of Birmingham's International Classic Motor Show next month will be the Aston Martin DB6 once owned by Sir Paul McCartney.  Sir Paul took delivery of the Goodwood Green vehicle with black leather upholstery and chro... (more)
2002-Oct-19The McCartneys in Seattle
(Updated October 23)  Both Sir Paul and Heather Mills McCartney will be working in Seattle today.  Sir Paul will be appearing in concert this evening at the Tacoma Dome.  This afternoon at 1:00 Heather will make an appearance at the... (more)


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