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2002-Nov-18Sir Paul's "TV Guide" Interview
photosIn an interview that will appear in the November 23 issue of TV Guide magazine Sir Paul says that he believes that Heather's bad press is only temporary: "All you've got to do is think back to Linda.  Linda got rubbished in the first year or... (more)
2002-Nov-18Sir Paul's One Millionth Concertgoer Recognized
Before this evening's concert at the Osaka Dome Teruko Yoshida a 26-year-old occupational therapist from Fujiidera Osaka was recognized as being Sir Paul's world tour's one millionth concertgoer.  During a ceremony which took place before t... (more)
2002-Nov-18Building Block Bidding Begins
photosBidding starts today on the building block designed and autographed by Sir Paul in support of the Tommy charity.  (see October 23).... (more)
2002-Nov-13Mary Talks About Her PETA Photo
photosLondon's Evening Standard this evening contains an article entitled "Why Stella and I won't wear fur" by Mary Mccartney Donald.  In the article Mary writes: I'm vegetarian I don't wear leather and I wouldn't dream of wearing fur so when Pet... (more)
2002-Nov-13Stella Plans a Wildlife Haven
(updated November 20) Following in the footsteps of her mother Britain's most famous vegetarian and animal rights campaigner) Stella McCartney has submitted a proposal to the Wychavon District Council transform her 200 year old 271 acre working f... (more)
2002-Nov-12Professor Paul's English Lesson
The Liverpool Echo reports that when Sir Paul learned of the two Japanese high school teachers who teach English using Beatles' songs he invited them and 16 of their students for an impromptu "master" class backstage before his Tokyo Dome concert.... (more)
2002-Nov-12Support for Heather from Linda's Best Friend, Carla Lane
Today's Express reports Carla Lane feels that her best friend Linda McCartney would have been "respectful" and "genuinely supportive" of Heather's new cook book project  (see November 8). The article quotes Ms. Lane as saying: "Linda had a l... (more)
2002-Nov-12Mary McCartney Donald's Shocking PETA Ad
photosLending her fashion photography skills free of charge to a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) anti-fur ad campaign Sir Paul's daughter Mary is responsible for the shocking photo of pop singer Sophie Ellis Bextor holding the body... (more)
2002-Nov-12Sir Paul Hopes to Set the Record Straight with His New Album
(Updated November 13) It is well known that Sir Paul feels that he has never been given enough composer credit for many "Lennon/McCartney" tunes.  With the release of his Back In The U. S. Live 2002 CD he hopes to set the record straight.&nbs... (more)
2002-Nov-12"Driving USA" Stills Holds the Top Four Places on the "Billboard Boxscore"
Sir Paul still holds the top five spots on "Billboard's list of the top 10 North American concert grosses for the period reported through November 5 2002. Here are the numbers: 1. $1 892 330. Paul McCartney. HP Pavilion. San Jose Calif. Oct. 22.... (more)
2002-Nov-10Sir Paul's Warm Welcome to Japan
Scotland on Sunday reports that Sir Paul and Heather received a rapturous reception last evening when they landed at the New Tokyo International Airport in Narita east of Tokyo. Police guards were on hand to control the hundreds of fans who were w... (more)
2002-Nov-10Sir Paul's Foxes
London's Sunday Telegraph reports today that Sir Paul has been giving sanctuary to dozens of foxes that were rescued as abandoned cubs by anti hunting campaigners.  After being raised by hand they were set free on Sir Paul's estate in Exmoor... (more)
2002-Nov-10A Compliment for Joe Cocker
Today's Boston Herald reports that during his Buckingham Palace performance last summer Sir Paul gave Joe Cocker the ultimate compliment: "When we just did that thing for the queen's show in England Paul McCartney told me that my version of A Lit... (more)
2002-Nov-09"The Unknown Paul McCartney"
photosToday's Liverpool Echo contains an article about a new Paul McCartney book by author Ian Peel called The Unknown Paul McCartney: McCartney and the Avant-Garde.  While researching his book Mr. Peel interviewed a variety of people including for... (more)
2002-Nov-08The New "Cook of the House"
(updated) Heather Mills McCartney has announced that she is about to follow in Linda McCartney's footsteps and will publish a cook book of her own.  Along with recipes for the vegetarian dishes she prepares for Sir Paul the book will feature... (more)
2002-Nov-05On to Japan
When he completes his Mexico City appearance this evening Sir Paul will focus his attention on the Japanese leg of his world tour.  You may recall that Japan was the site of his 1980 marijuana arrest. Now as he prepares for his visit Tokyo a... (more)
2002-Nov-05The King of Skiffle is Dead
Skiffle king Lonnie Donegan passed away yesterday while on tour in Great Britain.  Lonnie Donegan has often been called the spiritual father of the Beatles for having started the skiffle craze that inspired them.  Sir Paul once said of... (more)
2002-Nov-04Sir Paul's $100 Million Tour
(Updated November 5) Billboard is reporting today that Sir Paul's Driving USA/ Back in the U.S. tour was both a critical and financial winner.  During his 50-date North American tour which ended in Phoenix last Tuesday Sir Paul grossed approx... (more)
2002-Nov-02Sir Paul Is Shocked at Australian Criticism
Sydney's Sunday Telegraph reports that Sir Paul is shocked at the widespread criticism he has received for postponing his Melbourne concert at Telstra Dome  (see October 28). Sir Paul's spokesman Geoff Baker emphasized again today that Sir P... (more)
2002-Nov-01The Linda McCartney Garden Dedication
It turns out that none of the McCartneys were present at the dedication of the the Linda McCartney Garden in Scotland.  Sir Paul and his son James currently are traveling in the United States and daughters Stella Mary and Heather had work com... (more)


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