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2002-Dec-07Heather's NPR Interview
An interview with Heather Mills McCartney was broadcast today on National Public Radio.  Host Scott Simon spoke to Heather from London this week.  She talked about her early life as a thief: "Yeah my mom left when I was nine and I sort o... (more)
2002-Dec-07A Magical Experience
photosToday's Mirror contains an travel article on Kerala - "the perfect place for an Indian idyll you won't forget".   Kerala nicknamed "God's own country" is an Indian state filled with endless beaches exotic wildlife and small cities. ... (more)
2002-Dec-05"Back in the U.S." Debuts at No. 8
Sir Paul's new Back in the U.S. --- Live 2002 album has debuted in the top 10.   Variety dubbed it "a solid start for McCartney" as he bowed in  at No. 8 with  224 250 copies of his album sold.  These sales more than triple... (more)
2002-Dec-05Still Rockin' and Rulin'?
(updated December 6)  A special hand-picked committee has decided that Sir Paul will be honored with a "VH1 Big in 2002 Awards" award for being the legendary artist who made the biggest splash in the year 2002.  Others in the running for... (more)
2002-Dec-05The Beatles in Wales
photosDavid Jones new book "The Beatles and Wales" will be released next Thursday to coincide with the 37th anniversary of the band's last tour of the U.K.  This title will no doubt appear on the Christmas lists of Beatles and Paul McCartney fans. B... (more)
2002-Dec-04Top Concert Tour
Sir Paul's Driving USA concert tour tops the list of Pollstar's Top 20 Concert Tours.  The list ranks artists by average box office gross per city and includes the average ticket price for shows in North America.  The list is based on dat... (more)
2002-Dec-03On the Road with Sir Paul
Today's Edmonton Journal published a story entitled "On the Road with Sir Paul" about 25 year old Jamie Thompson who was one of the concert's pre-show dancers who was on the road with Sir Paul for almost five months. When Jamie told his mother that... (more)
2002-Dec-03Still Topping the Charts
Once again Sir Paul tops the charts this week.  He holds the number one position on Billboard's Top 10 North American Concert Grosses chart for the peroid reported through November 26 2002.  Here are the figures:   1. $4 787 211 (4... (more)
2002-Dec-02A Reformed Chocoholic
The Express reports today that Sir Paul has suggested to his wife that she give up chocolate.  Heather admits: "Though of course like all chocoholic women I wasn't having any of it at first.  The issue came up over my skin. I'd always... (more)
2002-Nov-29Sir Paul's Postcards
photosArt lovers camped outside Kensington's Royal College of Art in the wind and rain for days in oder to be certain they would have the opportunity to participate in today's "secret" postcard sale.  During this annual event one can acquire an ori... (more)
2002-Nov-26"USA Today" Interview
During an interview that took place backstage before one of the Driving USA tour's final shows Sir Paul commented on the the warm reception both he and fellow British veterans the Rolling Stones and The Who have received from audiences and critics... (more)
2002-Nov-26A "New York Times" Interview
Today's New York Times reports that Sir Paul is getting back to where he wants to go.  Seated backstage before his concert at the Compaq Center Sir Paul told the Times interviewer that every nine years he yearns to go out on the road: "I don'... (more)
2002-Nov-25Sir Paul on "ET" Tonight
This evening Entertainment Tonight will offer an "exclusive first look" at Sir Paul's Back in the U.S. television program which will be broadcast on ABC TV this Wednesday evening.   ET promises to show an "exclusive peek" at Tom Cruise an... (more)
2002-Nov-25Best Buy Bonus
photosSir Paul's Back in the U.S. CD hits the stores tomorrow.  For a limited time   Best Buy stores are offering an exclusive bonus DVD-single featuring the song Matchbox . The Back in the U.S. DVD will also be released tomorrow.... (more)
2002-Nov-24"Washington Post" Interview
In an interview with a reporter from the "Washington Post" Sir Paul discussed his respect for the medium of television: "Growing up in England we saw the first flickering television programs in our generation when it came into our homes in the ear... (more)
2002-Nov-22Heather's Holiday Fashions
photosIf you'd like to do some holiday shopping and contribute to the Adopt-A-Mindfield campaign as well you may wish to have a look at the Macy's department store webpage.  Here you will see photos of Heather modeling 22 lovely INC International C... (more)
2002-Nov-22He's A Doris Day Fan
photosLiz Smith reports today in New York's Newsday that Sir Paul is a big fan of the actress Doris Day.  In fact recently Sir Paul telephoned Doris Day from England after watching her film Calamity Jane on television to tell her what a big fan he... (more)
2002-Nov-21Is Sir Paul Buying A Home In New Jersey?
Bergen County New Jersey's newspaper The Record reports that Sir Paul is planning to purchase an eight-year-old 6.95-acre estate on Lincoln Street in the posh East Hill neighborhood of Englewood New Jersey.  The $10.3 million property include... (more)
2002-Nov-20What Has Become of the Band on the Run?
photosOn Monday Oscar-winning actor James Coburn suffered a heart attack and died in the arms of his wife while listening to music in his Beverly Hills home.  Paul McCartney fans remember James Coburn as one of the nine "prisoners" featured on th... (more)
2002-Nov-19Still Leading the Top Ten
This week Sir Paul still tops Billboard magazine's list of top 10 North American concert grosses.  Here are the numbers for the period through November 12 2002: 1. $2 517 900. Paul McCartney. MGM Grand Garden. Las Vegas Nev. Oct. 26. 2. $2 1... (more)


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