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2003-Apr-21On the Road with Sir Paul
Today's London Times printed a glimpse into a day in the life of Sir Paul's technical manager Keith Smith.  Mr. Smith who is married and has a 12 year old daughter   says that even though there have only been three major tours in 13... (more)
2003-Apr-21Sir Paul Calls for Ban on Cluster Bombs
During a London BBC Radio interview today Sir Paul called for a ban on cluster bombs.  These cluster bombs contain hundreds of small "bomblets" which often fail to explode.  Years later these bomblets can explode in the hands of chi... (more)
2003-Apr-20A Summer Wedding in Scotland?
According to today's Sunday Mirror Stella McCartney and Alasdhair Willis are planning a secret summer wedding on Kintyre.  One of their friends is quoted as saying: "Stella and Alasdhair are keen to get married in Scotland. Her family ha... (more)
2003-Apr-19Macy Gray's Apology
Today's Daily Record reports that singer Macy Gray has apologized to Sir Paul for singing a bad rendition of With A Little Help From My Friends during the post-September 11 Concert for New York City.  She said: "My brain was not with me -... (more)
2003-Apr-19Sharing Song Writing Secrets
On Easter Monday April 21 Sir Paul will share the secrets of creating and recording his music during Radio 2's two-hour special celebration of music writing Sold On Song.  During the interview Sir Paul revealed that his love of words w... (more)
2003-Apr-18He Loves His Beatles Tunes
According to today's Mirror that during his four sell-out shows at London's Earls Court Sir Paul will treat his fans to no fewer than 23 Beatles classics: "When I go on tour my first thought is 'What would the audience really like to see an... (more)
2003-Apr-18Biking through Hove
In Britain today the newspapers printed photos of Sir Paul and Heather's seaside bike ride through Hove.  It seems the couple were riding their mountain bikes in a no-cycle zone.  According to an onlooker: "They rode straight past t... (more)
2003-Apr-17A Master Class in St. Petersburg
As part of St. Petersburg Russia's 300th anniversary celebration Sir Paul will conduct a rock master class seminar .  The class will be conducted on May 22.  From there Sir Paul will travel to Moscow for his Red Square concert on M... (more)
2003-Apr-16Early Shows in London
Sir Paul has been asked to start his London concerts early so has not to keep the Earls Court neighbors awake.  This noise curfew means the shows will begin at 7:30 p.m. and end by 10:45.  Sir Paul understands.  He says: "This i... (more)
2003-Apr-16Flowers for Heather
The Express reports today that when Sir Paul purchased a bouquet of pink oriental lilies and red freesias at the Blooming Heck flower shop in Chester this week for his wife Heather he couldn't resists asking for a discount.  According to... (more)
2003-Apr-15Justifying His Decision
In an interview with the Daily Mail Sir Paul defended his "'Composed by Paul McCartney and John Lennon" song credit decision saying he was entitled to take credit for the songs he wrote single-handedly.  He spoke of a meeting he had with... (more)
2003-Apr-15Defending of the Red Square Concert
Today the State Duma Council consultative body chose not to discuss a request addressed to the Russian president to cancel  Sir Paul's Red Square concert.  The request was initiated by a representative of the radical nationalist Liber... (more)
2003-Apr-14Heather's Special Tour of Liverpool
Today's Mirror reports that Sir Paul recently gave Heather a tour of Liverpool.  He drove her past the bars and clubs where the early Beatles performed he took her to the church in Woolton where he met John Lennon and visited the the Lennon... (more)
2003-Apr-14Sir Paul's Mojo Interview
In an interview in this week's Mojo magazine Sir Paul says that he believes that could run a highly successful Bed & Breakfast establishment:  "You'd die for my breakfast - it's my Zen thing.  I cut up all these lovely exotic things... (more)
2003-Apr-13One Regretful Record
London's Sunday Telegraph reports today that Sir Paul's marijuana arrest in Tokyo 23 years ago continues to haunt him today:  According to Sir Paul: "The worst thing about being busted is that you go on computer records.&nb... (more)
2003-Apr-13Sir Paul's Contributions to "The In-Laws" Soundtrack
The Los Angeles Times tells us more about Sir Paul's contributions to The In-Laws soundtrack  (see April 8 ). The Film's executive music producer Ralph Sall says he was looking for music from the 1970's preferably an unknown McCartney... (more)
2003-Apr-12Sir Paul and Stella to Appear at the Albert Hall for the Prince's Trust
Tomorrow's Mail on Sunday will report that Sir Paul and his daughter Stella will participate in a combination rock concert / fashion show  to raise money for Prince Charles' Prince's Trust charity.  The event called Fashion Rocks w... (more)
2003-Apr-11Best Dressed Stella
Stella McCartney is at the top of the Harpers and Queen list of the 100 best dressed women.  The magazine praises Stella for her original sense of style and declares that she is "celebritocracy at its coolest - nothing ever ruffles this girl's... (more)
2003-Apr-11Sir Paul Discusses His Belfast Roots
On Wednesday evening Sir Paul invited Northern Ireland's Belfast Newsletter reporter Paul Martin to join him backstage at his Manchester concert to talk about his Ulster roots: "I researched my family tree a few years ago. I spent ages finding o... (more)
2003-Apr-10Heather's England to Canada Video Chat
Today's Vancouver Sun reports on an inspirational video chat offered by Heather Mills McCartney to hundreds of Burnaby students.  Heather spoke via video link from Manchester England where Sir Paul was performing yesterday.  The British... (more)


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